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massage quiz


the 1st written accounts of therapeutic rubbing (massage) originate in which country? china
the application of massage is included in what sacred Indian practice? ayur-veda
the father of modern medcine is whom? hippocrates
systematic and scientific manipulation of the body's soft tissues for the purpose of abtaining or maintaining health is the definition of what? massage
western massage text tend to use french terminalogy, primarily because of the efforts of which individual? johann mezger
what is the title of the classic scripture of traditional chinese medicine? ne-ching
who was the scientist tht demonstrated that blood circulation is driven by the beat of the heart through arteries and veins? william harvey
the father of swedish massage and physical therapy is whom? pehr h. ling
the work generally credited as being he first book in the field of sports medicine is what? de arte gymnastica
the different kinds of movements which are used in ling's system of medical gymnastics are duplicated, active, and what else? passive
what is regarded as the precursor of all other thearpies (manual & energetic)and the grandparent of all massage techniques? amma
in north america, seated massage came to prominence due to the efforts of whom? david palmer
palmer's routines for seated massage were adapted from what traditional japanese system of massage? amma
during traditional seated massage, the client does not disrobe and what is not used? lubricants
at onsite massage locations, what replaces traditional handwashing? antimicrobial disposal towels
what is the most frequently used body stance by therapists performing seated massage? lunge position
because the area may be noisy during seated massage, what is the easiest way for the client to get the therapist attention? raise a hand
what stroke is not used in seated massage? lubricant effleurage
according to the text, what should the therapist do before the massage chair is set up? select an are that allows the therapist to move around the chair during the massage.
according to the text, how can a therapist tell if he/she is working too hard or too deep? client begings to pull away from you or tense up.
according to the text, what should the therapist do if this is the clients first time in the massage chair? explain & demonstrate how to sit in the chair properly
seated massage was introduced in the workplace early in which decade? 1980's
according to the text, once the chair is completely adjusted to the client, what should the therapist ask the client? if you could change anything what would it be?
what phrase did david palmer coin to describe seated massage? onsite massage
which year was the first massage chair introduced? 1986
seated massage routines use oriental massage & which other techniques? swedish massage
the following should be sanitized between clients except for what? chair frame
for client safety, what should the therapist provide the client? a clear, unobstructed pathway to and from the chair
which of the following is not regarded as a primary adjustment of the massage chair? chair leg height
be sure the clients back is straight and the arm rest is what? low enough so the clients shoulders are not raised.
when stablishing a one-handed comminication, what does five fingers extended represent? excruciating pain
the term "funny" bone refers to: ulna nerve
ischemic: decrease in blood flow
adhesions: bands of scar tissue binding 2 or more tissues together that are normally separate.
hara: in japan, center of gravity and the energetic center in the body located in the lower abdomen
nerve entrapment: are a dysfunction of a nerve as a result of pressure against it by adjacent soft tissues such as muscle, tendons, fascia and ligaments.
at the inferior end of the sternum xiphoid process
carcinogenic: cancer causing agent
who brought swedish massage to the U.S? taylor brothers
the rate of travel over the surface of the body, is called? speed
the uninterupted flow of strokes/ the repitition or regularity of msg mov'ts is: rythm
disinfect a table when: fluids come in contact with the table
sterilize, when on table? never cause is not a hospital
sanitize, when? after each massage, table, washing hands, suplies if used..ect...
moving a joint through its normal range of motion is called? joint mobilization
part of the swedish system that consists of movement of joints (ROM) and muscle streching: swedish gymnastics
drawing out a single muscle (and its synergists) ti its fullest length is called: streching
a consciously sought goal or a desire end is the definition of: intention
uninterrupted flow of strokes and to the unbroken transition from one stroke to the next: continuity
what is the direction in which pressure should be applied when working on the extremities? centripetally
which of the following is performed by rubbing one surface over the another ? frction
friction is also the best stroke for promoting proper scar formation.
the distance traveled along the body in a msg stroke? excursion
best used for dcongestion of lungs? tapotment
when massaging (doing light strokes)on body? superficial effleurage
gliding manipulation, influencing the4 circulation of blood and loosing up fascia, can be used light/deep: effleurage
when describing to client what type of movement to do on their own: active mov't
when you do all the movement for the client and they dont do anything: passive mov't
when you asst the client do a movement of some sort: active asst mov't
when aplying some presure to the movement the client is doing: active resisted mov't
Created by: jesmaria