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Ch 15 LGI path/proc

Lower GI pathology/procedure Small Bowel & BE

What is a common birth defect (congenital) found in the ileum? Meckel's Divrticulum
Define an Ileus. What are the types? An ileus is an obstruction of the small intestine. The two types are adynamic/paralytic & mechanical. Paralytic is cessation of peristalsis. Mechanical is a physical blockage.
What is Enteritis? What is Gastroenteritis? Enteritis is inflammation of the intestine (primarily small intestine). Gastroenteritis is when the stomach is involved.
What is regional Enteritis (Crohn's)? What is the appearance of Crohn's on an image? Inflammatory bowel disease of the GI tract. Primarily of the terminal ileum. A cobblestone appearance is seen on a radiographic image.
What is the radiographic appearance of Meckel's Diverticulum? Large diverticulum of the Ileum.
What is the radiographic appearance of a Volvulus? A beak sign, or a tapered corkscrew.
What is the radiographic appearance of an Ileus? A circular staircase, or herringbone sign.
What is the radiographic appearance of Adenocarcinoma? An apple core sign
What are two conditions that may prevent the use of barium sulfate during a small bowel series? Possible perforated viscus and a large bowel obstruction.
What type of patients should be given extra care when using water soluble contrast? The young and the dehydrated.
When is a small bowel series deemed completed? When the contrast medium passes the ileoceceal valve.
How much Barium is Sulfate is generally given to an adult patient for a small bowel series? 2 cups (16 oz.)
How long does it usually take to complete an adult small bowel series? 2 hours
When is the first radiograph generally taken during a small series? 15-30 minutes after ingesting conrast medium.
What type of small bowel study does the term Enterocyclis describe? and It is a double contrast method
Which two pathologic conditions are best evaluated through an enterocyclis procedure? Rgeional Enteritis (Crohn's) and Malabsoption Syndrome.
What two types of contrast media are used for an enterocyclis? Barium Sulfate and Air or Methylcellulose.
What is the purpose of introducing methylcellulose? It dilates the intestinal lumen.
Where is the tip of the catheter introduced for an enterocyclis procedure? The Duodenojejunal Flexure.
What is a procedure called that is done to alleviate postoperative distention of a small intestine? Therapeutic intubation.
What is the most common form of carcinoma found in the large intestine? Annular carcinoma
What is a condition of numerous herniations of the mucosal wall of the large intestine? Diverticulosis
Which 4 conditions would prevent the use of a laxative cathartic before a Barium Enema? Gross Bleeding, Severe Diarrhea, Obstruction & Inflammatory Lesions.
What are the 3 types of enema tips commonly used? Plastic disposable (or Straight Enema Tip), Rectal Retention & Air Contrast Retention
What procedure is most effective to demonstrate small polyps in the colon? What are polyps radiographic appearance? Double contrast Barium Enema. Barium filled saclike projections projecting inward.
Which aspect of the large intestine must be demonstrated during evacuative proctography? The Anorectal Angle
What can be given to minimize spasm during a Barium Enema? What would be a contraindication? Lidocain & Glucagon. Glucagon should not be given to a diabetic.
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