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Folk and Polular Cul

Chapter 4 study

What are the three hearth nodes of folk house forms in the US? New England, Middle Atlantic, and the Lower Chesapeake.
What is taboo? A restriction on behavior imposed by social custom.
Where is the origin of popular music? In the US, Tin Pan Alley for Vauderville and Hip Hop in South Bronx
How did Hip Hop rapidly diffuse around the world? Through instruments of globalization. EX Internet and Radio
Where were the Amish people originally from? Switzerland, France, and Germany
Where and when did the first wave of Amish people settle? In Pennsylvania in the early 1700s.
Where and when did the second wave of Amish people settle? In Ohio, Illinois, and Iowa in the early 1800s.
Why did some of the Amish move to the south? For cheaper land; shun mechanical and electric power.
In what way, did we modify nature? By putting in Golf Courses prominence across the USA.
What is folk culture? It is traditionally practiced by small, homogeneous groups living in isolated rural areas. EX. Wearing a sarong in Malaysia or a sari in India.
Who dominates the foreign media? More Developed Countries
Created by: kimberleeann86