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Ch 13 Study Guide

Social Studies

What organization was started with the idea of protecting the rights of all citizens in the European Union? Court of Human Rights
As a way of spreading certain ideas and beliefs, what do governments issue? Propaganda
A tax, fee or duty paid on exported goods is called what? A tariff
An institution made up of more than 15 Western European nations is the European Union
What process did the Bosnian Serbs use to get rid of Muslims an Albanians? Ethnic cleansing
The systemo fmoney used by a country is also called its what? Currency
In modern Russia elected representative serve in what part of the legislature? Duma
When the level of tension between two countries goes down, what is this called? Detente
In which type of government does the leader of the political party with the most elected members head the government? Parliamentary Republic
Who was the leader of the Soviet Union when it collapsed? Mikhail Gorbachev
Name three ways the Soviet government strictly controlled the daily lives of its people: 1. Destroyed churches 2. Did not allow certain languages to be spoken 3. Killed religious leaders
Huge amounts of Soviet money were spent on what? * The army * Nuclear weapons * Athletes
Who led the Soviet Union during the Thaw? Nikita Krushchev
In the Soviet Union, what group owned everything? The government
What currency does the European Union use? euro
What phrase means "the quality of life based on the availability of goods and services? Standard of living
How has life improved since the breakup of the Soviet Union? * More leaders are elected by the people *More freedom of speech and religion * More personal wealth * More private ownership of business
What are some problems that continue in the former Soviet Union? * Dishonest leaders * More crime * Slow economy
How is the European Union helping the Eastern European Countries? By raising their standard of living
What type of government is formed when small political partices agree to govern together? Coalition government
Why is the Fishing industry so improtant in Russia? Russia has a coastline on both the Atlantaic and Pacific Oceans
After 1991, why did many of the members of the Warsaw Pact want to join NATO? The Warsaw Pact had dissolved so they needed powerful allies.
Name three industrial products of the Soviet Union: * Oil * Lumber *Steel
What group wanted to gain a majority within the coutry of Serbia? Bosnian Serbs
What group did they target for ethnic cleansing? Yugoslavian Muslims
Created by: katiesmith