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Ch. 12 Study Guide

Social Studies

In which political system does a king or queen rule over two countries? A dual Monarchy
Under what system does a country take raw materials from lands it controls and sell finished goods to those lands? colonialism
In 1900, what was the largest empire in Eastern Europe? Austria-Hungary
What conflict began with a struggle between Austria-Hungary and Serbia? World War I
What EVENT started WWI? assassination of Archduke Franz Ferdinand
Name the Allies in WWI Russia, France, United Kingdom, USA, Italy
Name the Central Powers in WWI Austria-Hungary, Germany, Turkey, Bulgaria
What country changed sides after WWI started? Italy
What treaty ended WWI? Treaty of Versailles
What alliance was formed by Eastern European countries under the control of the Soviet Union? Warsaw Pact
What political philosophy supports a strong central government controlled by a dictator? fascism
What conflict began when Germany invaded Poland? World War II
Who controlled the Soviet Union during WWII? Joseph Stalin
Who led the Nazi Party? Adolph Hitler
Name the allies in WWII France, USSR, United Kingdom, USA
Name the Axis Powers in WWII Germany, Japan, Italy
What government has a king and queen, but also has an elected assembly hat helps to make laws? Constitutional monarchy
What do members of a puppet government do? What they are told to do by another country's government
Who makes the decisions about production on a collective farm? the government
What term refers to the long period of tense relations between the Soviet Union and the United States? The Cold War
What was the Iron Curtain? An imaginary divide that separated the Soviet Union from the rest of Europe and the world and restricted people from leaving Soviet control.
What was the alliance formed among Western countries after WWII? NATO
What do the letters NATO stand for? North Atlantic Treaty Organization
This was when the Nazis began to sieze Jewish property and sent the Jews to concentration camps. Where many of them were tortured and gassed. The Holocaust
Why was nationalism spreading in Europe in the early 1900's? Because more people were gaining the right to vote.
What were the terms of the Treaty of Versailles? 1. Germany had to take the blame for starting the war. 2. They had to pay the Allied countries for the damage done during the war. 3. Germany had to give up land. 4. Germany had to reduce the size of its army and navy and no air force.
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