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Avis Australia Geo

Content and terms of Australia's physical geography

How many miles of roads are there from Western to Southern Australia? 800 miles
About how many kilometers between each rest stop along the highway? 96 km
Australia is the _______ largest country in the world. sixth
Australia is also one of the seven _____. continents
What is Australia's nickname because of its location in the southern hemisphere? Land Down Under
What landforms spread across most of Australia? plateaus and plains
What is the name of one of the low mountain ranges in south eastern Australia? The Great Dividing Range
What landform is off the northeast coast of Australia? Great Barrier Reef
The Great Barrier Reef is made up of _____ formations that have piled up for millions of miles. coral
How many miles does the Great Barrier Reef cover? 1250 miles
Narrow plains run along the ______ and ______ of Australia. South and Southeast
The Australian plains are fertile flatlands that are best used for ____. farming
Where do most of Australia's people live? in the plains regions
What are the two major rivers that drain the plains region of Australia? Murray and Darling
What is the inland region of Australia called? the Outback
What are the mining camps and sheep and cattle ranches in Australia called? stations
What is the name of the area where water lies in deep underground pools in Australia called? Great Artesian Basin
About how many years ago did the tectonic plates upon which Australia sits separate from the other continents? 200 million
As a result of its isolation from the rest of the continents, Australia had several unique ____. animals
What are animals that carry their young in a pouch called? marsupials
What is the largest and main island of Australia refered to as? the mainland
Australia is mostly what geographic landform? desert
Which coast of Australia is closest to the equator? northern
the south and southeastern parts of Australia have what kind of climate? temperate
Because of its great climate most ____ have grown up in the south and southeast. cities
Australia's largest cities are ____, ____, _____, ______ and ____. Sydney, Melbouren, Perth, Adelaide, Brisbane
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