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South America-geo

9th grade geography-South America

Largest lake in South America? Lake Maracaibo
Capital of Argentina? Buenos Aires
Only Portuguese-speaking country in the Western Hemisphere? Brazil
Capital of Peru? Lima
Two South American nations that border the Caribbean Sea? Colombia and Venzuela
South America's only geographical tie to North America? 100 mile border with Panama
What country has coasts on both the Caribbean and the Pacific? Colombia
What mountain range follows the entire west coast of South America Andes Mountains
Capital of Colombia? Bogota
What is the highest quality coffee bean? Arabica coffee
What country is the largest producer of the Arabica coffee bean? Colombia
What product is Colombia's main source of income? Illegal drugs including heroin, cocaine, and marijuana
Broad grassy plains east of the Andes in Colombia are called: the Llanos
What make Venezuela the riches country on the S.A. continent? oil fields under Lake Maracaibo
Where are the only places the flesh eating pirahna live? Orinoco and Amazon Rivers
Huge block shaped mountains in Guyana are called: tepuis
What country has the fewest people per square mile in South America Suriname
Which is the only country in South America still under European control? French Guiana-sends a representative to Paris.
Longest mountain range in the world? Andes Mountains
How long is the Andes Mountain range? 4500 miles
How did Ecaudor get its name? means equator and the equator cuts accross Ecuador.
Highest active volcano in the world? Ecuador's Cotopaxi at 19,347 feet!
Where is the highest railroad in the world? Crosses the Andes mountains in Peru.
What canyon is twice the depth of the Grand Canyon? Colco Canyon in Peru, in the Andes Mountains.
Peru has not only the highest railroad in the world, but also the highest what? Highest major mines.
Name the last great Indian civilization in South America. Incas
the name Incas means: "Children of the sun"
The lower class in Peru decended from the Incas and speaks what language? Quechua
What is the most widely spoken native language in South America? Quechua
The Peru Current keeps the air ___________ Cold and dry
Most Bolivians live on the ___________ between the Andes ranges. Antiplano
Chili has the world's only natural source of: Sodium Nitrate
Sodium nitrate is used for what? Explosives and fertilizer
Name the 3 geographical regions of Chili. Atacama Desert, Central Valley, Archipelago
Which desert has places that have never recorded any rainfall-driest on earth? Atacama Desert
Three fourths of all Chileans live in what region of Chili? Central Valley
Who introduced the free market reforms in Chili? Augusto Pinochet
Before the Panama Canal was built, what was the main shipping route between the Atlantic and Pacific Oceans? Strait of Magellan in the Archipelago southern tip of Chili
Latin American of mixed European and Indian blood> Mestizos
Possibly the most bilingual nation in the world? Paraguay who speak Spanish for education, commerce, and government, but the native Indian tounge, Guarani for daily life.
What country covers half of the South American continent? Brazil
What city is considered the 'most charming city in the world"? Rio de Janeiro in Brazil
Greatest River system in the world? Amazon
Whose fleet was the first to journey around the world? Ferdinand Magellan
Created by: deeanna.piatek
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