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Small Business Ch 14

Small Business Management Ch 14

Attitude An enduring opinion based on knowledge, feeling, and behavioral tendency.
Cognitive Dissonance The anxiety that occurs when a customer has second thoughts immediately following a purchase.
Culture Behavioral patterns and values that characterize a group of consumers in a target market.
Customer Experience Management (CEM) An approach that recognizes that with every interaction, customers learn something about a company that will affect their desire to do business there in the future.
Customer Profile A collection of information about a customer, including demographic data, attitudes, preferences, and other behavioral characteristics, as defined by CRM goals.
Customer Relationship Management (CRM) A company-wide business strategy designed to optimize profitability, revenue, and customer satisfaction by focusing on highly defined and precise customer groups.
Evaluative Criteria The features of characteristics of a product or service that customers use to compare brands.
Evoked Set A group of brands that a consumer is both aware of and willing to consider as a solution to a purchase problem.
Motivations Forces that organize and give direction to the tension caused by unsatisfied needs.
Needs The starting point for all behavior.
Opinion Leader A group member who plays a key communications role.
Perception The individual processes that give meaning to the stimuli confronting consumers.
Perceptual Categorization The process of grouping similar things so as to manage huge quantities of incoming mail.
Reference Groups Groups that an individual allows to influence his or her behavior.
Social Classes Division within a society having different levels of social prestige.
Transactional Relationship An association between a business and a customer that begins (or ends) with a purchase of a business deal.
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