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Information literacy

Questions about using the library, research and evaluation, plagiarism, cyberbu

What is spam? junk e-mail
What is the address of a web page called? URL
Copying someone's work without giving them credit plagiarism
When searching for authors in the card catalog, you should type which name first? last name first
Books with made up stories are what kind of book? Fiction
The "address" for a book, which tells where a book may be found in the library. call number
Reference book that contains maps and geographical information. atlas
Stories about the lives of real people are called _____________. Biographies
Name a possible consequence for plagiarizing in 6th grade. an "F" grade, Re-do paper, suspension.
What do you call the company that produces a book? Publisher
How do you make a password secure? Use a mix of lower and upper case letters, numbers, and symbols, 6- 8 characters long
In what section of the library would you find an encyclopedia, a dictionary, and an atlas? Reference
How do people end up with spam in their e-mail boxes? by giving their e-mail addresses out online, by entering contests, clicking on links like "you've won!"
When someone makes you uncomfortable online, what should you do? log off and/or tell an adult
What is cyberbullying? Being mean to someone online
Who should you share your passwords with? No one (possibly your parents)
To search U.S. Navy sites, what domain extension should you use? .mil
What is the word for different types of literature? Genres
How can you tell if a web site has text links to other web sites? Text is colored, usually blue, and underlined.
What are the shortcut keys for pasting a copied item? command + V
Name 2 of the 5 questions you should ask when evaluating a Web page. Who, what, when, where, why
Name one of the domain extensions that is more apt to be trustworthy. .edu .gov .mil .k12
Name an indicator in an Web address that might indicate a personal web site. tilde, percent sign, user, member, name
Who can publish a page on the Internet? anyone
Is it better to perform a search with one keyword or three? three
What would the call number be for a fiction book by Philip Reeves? FIC REE or F REE
Name a consequence or penalty for plagiarism. Failing grade, suspension, loss of degree, lose of job, lose of credibility/reputation, financial cost
If a book was written about your life, what would the call number be? 92, first 3 letters of your last name
What is historical fiction? Fiction set in a historical time period.
Which dictionary has more word entries, the abridged or unabridged? Unabridged
When would you use quotation marks in a search? When searching for a phrase or a name.
In LibreOffice, what does "wrapping" mean? Placing the text on any side of an image.
What do libraries call novels with lots of graphics or images? Graphic novels
What do you have to do to avoid plagiarism? Give credit to the original creator.
Is a novel fiction or nonfiction? Fiction
How do you make your passwords as secure as possible? Use a mix of upper and lower case, numbers, punctuation, and words that are not obvious to others like your birthdate.
What is an autobiography? Book about a person, written by that person.
Where are the call numbers located on a book? on the spine
What is another name for a magazine? periodical
In what order are fiction books shelved? alphabetically by author's last name
When searching the card catalog for "The Hobbit" what hobbit
Would folktales be found in the fiction section? No
How does copyright protect an author? No one can copy the author's work without permission.
Name two pieces of information you might find on the title page of a book? Author, title, illustrator, publisher, copyright
Name 2 of the 4 ways you can search for a book in the card catalog. title, author, subject, keyword
What does WWW stand for? World Wide Web
What determines if a Web site appears at the top of the results list? popularity, number of times search term appears, matching search terms, paid $
How can you tell if someone online is giving you true information about themselves? You can't
True or false - When you delete and trash e-mails, they are gone forever. False
What is a domain extension that indicates a school site? .edu .k12
Which fiction book would come first on the shelf? All About Sam by Lois Lowry The Wish Giver by Bill Britain The Wish Giver F BRI
When would you use quotation marks in a search online? When searching for an exact phrase or a name.
True or false? Your user name should tell something about you. False
What is the Invisible Web? Part of the Internet that is not indexed by spiders so it does not show up on searches. The largest part of the Internet.
Name 2 search engines. Google, Bing, Yahoo, Dogpile, Metasearch, AltaVista, HotBot, Webcrawler...
What is "netiquette"? Good manners on the Internet
What is the purpose of a booktalk? To get people to want to read the book
What type of sources do not have to be cited in a research paper? Common knowledge Your own opinions, ideas and knowledge
Why is a meta search engine different from a regular search engine? It searches multiple search engines at the same time
How does a search engine like Google find its results? It sends out "spiders' or "bots" to index web pages and retrieve what you are searching for.
What is a phrase search? A search using several words in quotation marks that must be matched exactly.
Name the 5 Ws of web page evaluation. Who, what when where, why.
Name three purposes for creating a web site. to inform or teach to sell items, make money to entertain to trick or hoax share info (social sites)
Why is it important to type a web address correctly? You may not get the psge you wanted
What would be the keywords for a search for Civil War videos? civil AND war AND video "civil war" AND video
True or false: Copyright begins when you register with the copyright and registration office. False: it begins when you create an original item.
What is paraphrasing? Re-arranging information and putting it in your own words.
True or false: Fair use laws allow you to copy and paste information into your essay. False: you still must give credit to the creator.
is: A. an email address at Howard B. URL or Internet address C. Call number for books D. Host name B. URL or Internet address.
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