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Citation Game

Match the statement on the left with the category of statement on the right

Since the completion of the works for the 2004 Olympic Games, the Greek construction industry has entered a period of decline Fact / General trend
"In recent years, and after 1998 in particular, the construction industry has been the driving force of economic development and employment in Greece." Quotation from original source
Cigarette advertising should be completely banned Personal opinion
The term 'viral marketing' was first used in a 1996 "Fast Company" article entitled "The Virus of Marketing". Statement needing supporting evidence
Since the mid 1990s the global pharmaceutical industry has been undergoing a consolidation period. Fact / General trend
Large-scale unemployment is never good for the national economy. General truth
Greece's unemployment rate rose to 11.8% in the second quarter of 2010. Statistic
The current global economic crisis was primarily caused by bankers' greed. Personal opinion
The current European sovereign debt crisis began in 2010 Fact
Nine out of ten Britons find broadband advertising misleading or confusing. Statistic
Created by: sasderi