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test notes

Mental representation memory is a psychological version of the original sound
Encoding the conversion of sensory information into a form that can be processed by the brain
Storage the holding of information in the brain
Retrieval the recovery of information stored in the brain
Sensory memory - iconic memory - echonic memory memory retained for less than 5 seconds visual memory sounds
Short - term memory - maintenance rehearsal - elaborative rehearsal stored for 30 seconds, information that you are aware of remembering for immediate use actively processes the information rather than just repeating it
Long - term memory - procedural memory realtively permanent store of information stores the way you do things, unconscious
Declarative memory - episodic memory - semantic memory the 'what' of memory, declares how u do things, conscious memory for past personal events knowledge of general facts and information
Bandura bobo dolls considered people watch other people and copy their behavior observational learning
Spearman two factor theory general intelligence g specific intelligence s
Schema idea or understanding about something is and how to deal with it
Chromosome Organised structure of DNA
Created by: Maddie Rose