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CTCS 191 Midterm

Definition of ID terms listed on the 201 Study Guide

Show Runner
Distribution Window
Ryan Murphy
Differences between film and TV production
to "make good"
Vertical Integration of Networks
Financial Interest and Syndicated Rules (fin-syn)
owned & operated stations (O&O)
Multiple-systems operators (MSOs)
The Deregulation of the TV industry
Telecommunications Act of 1996
Ratings vs. Share
Nielsen Media Research Company
Day Parts
Time-Shifted Viewing
The upfront market (upfronts)
Brand Integration
MTV and Music Videos
The "blonde diva"
Quality TV
Big Brother
Wipeout and the "production hub model"
Global Format Adaptation
Deficit Financing
Non-Union Work in Reality TV
The Real World
Above-the Line Costs
Standardized Global Markets
Independent Producer
Cult TV
Auteur Tv
J.J. Abrams
David Lynch
Post-Network Era
Multi-platform distribution
Lost's Genre Synthesis
Twin Peaks' Genre Synthesis
Cult TV vs. Quality TV
Mythic Character Types
Narrative Enigma/quest
Intensity of fan viewership
Niche Network
Brand Communities
HBO and The Sopranos
Sci Fi Channel rebranded as SyFy
The Cyborg & Mary Shelley's Frankenstein
Cable Branding by Genre
Cable Branding by Demographic
Ad Supported cable/basic cable
Premium Cable
Brand Equity
The Oprah Winfrey Show
The Ricki Lake Show
The "expert"
The "issue-oriented" talk show
the "second generation" of talk show
The "Carnivalesque"
"Authorized Transgression"
he Televisoin Variety Show
Anthology Drama Series
Desilu Prodcuction Company
The Television "studio production process"
The Copyright Act of the United States
Tangible Medium
The Length of a copyright
cease-and-desist letter
Public domain
Fair Use
Substantial Similarity
Created by: ekeach
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