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SAT Vocabulary 1

ameliorate – v
to improve; make or become better
approbation – n
approval; sanction
avarice – n
greed for wealth
depravity – n
behaving as if morally unsound or corrupt
effrontery – n
impudent boldness; audacity
embroider – v
to embellish (a narrative)
euphonious (euphony) adj
agreeable sound, esp
in the phonetic quality of words
fathom – v
to determine the depth of ; sound; to understand
indigence – n
state of lacking the means of subsistence; impoverishment; quality of being needy
nadir – n
a point on the celestial sphere diametrically opposite the zenith; the lowest point
obsequious – adj
full of servile compliance, fawning
perfunctory – adj
done or acting routinely with little interest or care
repast – n
a meal or the food eaten or provided at a meal
sequester – v
to remove or set apart; to withdraw into seclusion
sycophant – n
(kiss up) one who tries to win favor or advance self by flattering persons of influence
ubiquitous – adj
being or seeming to be everywhere at the same time
zenith – n
point on a celestial sphere directly above the observer; any culmination or high point
Created by: kirkeichelberger