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Auto Body Vocab 27

Coverage Quality some colors have to cover other colors and the area a certain quantity of paint will cover
Cross coat Technique used when grinding metal to remove deep scratches by grinding the surface at a 90-degree angle
Dust free Condition when a film has dried so that it will no longer allow dust to penetrate and stick to the finish
Finish coat The last coat of paint to be applied will usually determine the amount of gloss
Fog coat Thin, highly atomized coat applied in such a way as to obtain a fast flash-off; and thereby achieve a minimum penetration of the thinner into the old finish
Commute To make regular, rather long trips to and from work
Categorize To place an object within a division, class, or group; classification
Extreme Very great or severe
Foresight The power to see or know beforehand what is likely to happen
Intensity The amount of energy or force
Created by: Mrs. Talbot