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Merill 13,29,30

trauma, mobile, surgery

A sudden, unexpected, dramatic, forceful or violent event. trauma
What modality has replaced regular x-ray films when it comes to imaging the skull, in trauma situations? CT
What is one way to increase efficiency while minimizing patient movement? take all AP projections, then all lateral projections
When an injury has occurred, what films must be taken of the injured part? 2 films 90 degree from each other
What measures must be taken to reduce radiation exposure to a trauma patient and the staff helping with the exam? close collimation, lead aprons, announce the x-ray is being taken, and short exposure times
_______ is(are) never to be removed without a Doctors order. Splints
If a patient has on a C-Collar, what film must be done first? lateral C-spine
What are considered some of the Best Practices in Radiography? Speed, accuracy, quality, positioning, standard precautions, immobilization
If air fluid level are suspected on a CXR, what position will best demonstrate it? A dorsal decubitus
Who was the first to use mobile radiography? THE MILITARY
Where are some places mobile x-rays are taken? surgery, patients rooms, ER dept., ICU, peds, and recovery rooms
What are the 2 types of mobile machines? battery operated, capacitor discharge
How many exposures can be made on a full battery? 10 to 15
This is a type of break that stops the portable in its tracks? dead man break
What are some advantages of a battery operated mobile unit? cordless, provides constant kVp and mAs, can get multiple exposure out of the battery when fully charged
What are some advantages of the capacitor discharge mobile unit? lightweight, smaller and easier to maneuver, Doesn't require much charging time in between exposures
What are the main disadvantages of a capacitor discharge unit? kVp drops constantly during exposure, must be charged after every exposure
When is the anode heel effect more pronounced? short SID, larger field sizes, smaller anode angles
What is the single most effective means of reducing radiation exposure when exposing a mobile x-ray? Distance
What must be to ensure the grid to work properly for a mobile exam using a grid? CR and Grid lined up and are perpendicular to one another, Center the CR to the mid line of the grid
________ ________ produces some of the highest occupational radiation exposure for radiographers? Mobile radiography
How can you reduce your radiation exposure during a mobile exam? distance, lead aprons, stand at a 90 degree angle from the beam
What is the minimum source to skin distance? 12 inches
What are the 2 types of isolation? Those who are contagious, and those who are being protected from infections (reverse isolation)
To keep exposure time to a minimum, what is the recommended SID? 40 in
What should be available on ever portable machine? Lead aprons, technique chart, IR, calipers, and tape :)
What is the minimum distance a technologist should be from the portable when making an exposure? 6 feet
What should you do before starting a mobile exam? Introduce yourself to patient and family, explain procedure, ask family to step out of the room, check patients arm band to make sure you are imaging the correct patient!
What are some of the most important guidelines when imaging a trauma patient? 1.Move patient as little as possible, 2.DO NOT remove splints unless directed by a physician, 3.move tube instead of injured body part, 4.obtain a minimum of 2 projection 90 degrees from each other
When doing a lateral decub for fluid in the chest region, what side will be the side down? The affected side or the side suspected to have fluid in it!
When want to see air levels in the chest, what side must be in the down position? The UNaffected side! Air rises :)
How long should a patient be in the lateral decub position when imaging the chest? at least 5 min
What are the typical grid ratios for mobile radiography? 6:1 or 8:1
If the CR is off by ____ to ____ in, grid cut off will occur. 1 to 1 1/2 in
What exam(s) will make use of the anode heel effect on a portable? AP abdomen and AP and Lat Femur
What attire should be worn in a reverse isolation room? mask, gowns, gloves
What attire should be worn for a wound or any type of drainage secretions? gloves
What attire should be worn for strict isolation? gown, gloves, mask
Who are considered sterile team members? The Surgeon, physician assistants, Certified surgical tech, surgical assistant
Who are considered to part of the non sterile team members? Anesthesia provider, rad tech, circulator, Or any bio med techs and Drug reps
How often should the surgical scrubs be changed? at the start of a new shift or when they become soiled
What is considered to be the sterile field in the OR? The area prepared for the patient
Who is allowed to reach over the sterile field? Only the sterile team members
How often should the x-ray equipment be cleaned in the OR? After each surgical case
How often should the less used equipment be cleaned in the OR? Once a week
What part of the sterile gowns are really considered sterile? From the shoulders down to the level of the sterile field
What is always considered dirty in the OR suite? The floor!
After taking an image in the OR, what should you do with the film that is covered with a sterile bag? WEAR GLOVES! Dispose of the contaminated cover, then remove the gloves before handling the film. NEVER PUT IT ON THE FLOOR!
When positioning the film under the sterile field, the tech should not lift the sterile drape _________________? above the table level
What should the radiographer do when walking around sterile equipment or team members? Avoid turning your back to them! The back of you is not sterile!
What is a safe distance to be from the radiation source in the OR suite? 6 feet
When possible, try and stand at a __________ angle from the primary beam. 90 degrees
What should you do if the sterile field is compromised? Tell someone IMMEDIATELY!
Created by: radgirl37