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Solution Focused

What does the Solution Focus therapist assume about thier clients? The client is the expert about their life.
According to a Solution Focused therapist is cooperation or resistance more important in therapy? Cooperation is more important.
What do Solution Focused therapist's believe about change? That it is constant and inevitable.
What does Solution Focused therapist believe about small change? Small change leads to bigger change.
How do clients change in Solution Focused Therapy? They have their own internal resources to solve their own problems.
What do Solution Focused therapist believe about people's actions? That they are accountable for them.
What do Solution Focused therapists believe about the past? It is not neccesary to know the cause (past) of a problem to find a solution.
According to a Solution Focused therapist how many ways are there to look at problems? There are many ways to look at problems.
How does a Solution Focuses therapist look at problems and solutions? Problems and solutions are not neccessarily related.
What does a Solution Focused therapist think about preconceptions? Preconceptions hamper helpers.
What are Solution Focused therapists believe about time and the client? Only the here and now and the future is important to the client.
Name the 4 characteristics that make Solution Focues therapies different than traditional problem focused therapies? The solution is the expception, identify what is not a problem and build off solutions, client is the expert, and notice the client's strengths.
What does a solution focues therapist mean when they talk about "skeleton keys?" Provide interventions that work with a variety of problems. Solutions don't have to be perfect, only have to be good enough to work.
What are the 3 goals of Solution Focused Therapy? Clients achieve cognitive change, clients restructure their sense of their own ability to resolve, manage, or contain their problem, and they are provided workable solutions that result in re-descriptions of themselves (empowering stories).
Created by: drbrockman