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PoHS Sewing Review

Sewing Notions and Sewing Machine Parts for PoHS

controls the length of the stitches stitch regulator
small spool that holds thread inside machine bobbin
feeds thread from spool to needle; moves up and down as needle moves take-up lever
holds fabric in place presser foot
contains guideline markings that help keep stitching straight throat plate
control that allows machine to stitch backwards reverse feed button
moves take-up lever and needle up and down hand wheel
move fabric forward with each stitch feed dogs
regulates tightness or looseness of thread thread tension control
determines whether zigzag or decorative stitch is narrow or wide stitch width control
holds bobbin while thread is wound on it bobbin winding spindle
hold thread spools in place spool pins
feeds the thread that forms the upper part of the stitch needle
holds bobbin and is found beneath throat plate bobbin case
a lever that raises and lowers the presser foot presser foot lifter
make different stitching patterns stitch pattern control
amount of pressure you apply with your foot to this control regulates the operation of the machine foot control
guide the needle thread as it travels from spool to needle thread guides
clip threads and cut fabric small scissors
use for cutting fabric shears
remove stitches seam rippers
plastic marked with inches and centimeters tape measure
measuring a pattern or fabric measuring stick
slide marker that can be set to mark specific measurements sewing gauge
trace patterns to wrong side of fabric tracing wheel
mark on fabric chalk tailors
fabric marker marks on fabrics
Created by: Felicis
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