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OCS prep surgery

Mostly timesline for healing tissue

ACL PTB 8-12 weeks
ACL semitendinosis graft 12-16 weeks
PCL 12 weeks
RTC small 12-16 weeks < 1cm
RTC medium 16-24 weeks 1-3 cm
RTC large 24 weeks 3-5cm 24 weeks 3-5 cm
RTC massive +24 weeks 5+ cm
Capsular shift 12 weeks
Lateral Ankle Reconstruction 8-12 weeks
Achilles Tendon Repair 16-24 weeks
Timelines for delayed union and nonunion 16-18 weeks for delayed 6 months for nonunion Atrophic nonunions require grafting and stabilization hypertrophic nonunions require stab only
olecrenon fractures undisplaced long arm cast with elbow in 45-90 degrees for approx 3 weeks. Protected ROM with hinged brace with 90 degrees maximal flexion. expect 6-8 weeks
what extensor tendon injuries should be repaired >50% laceration should be repaired
When are extensor tendon repairs the weakest they lose 10%-50% of their strength between 5 and 21 days
How long should extensor repairs be protected? Zone I and II- 6-8 weeks Zone III and IV- 6 weeks Zone V to VII- 4-6 weeks
Explain rehab for extensor tendon injury ZOne V through VII: Dynamic splinting starts at day 3. Wrsit is held in 40 degrees extension, MCP's and IP's at 0 degrees in an elastic outrigger. Active flexion and passive extension 10X/hr. Dynamic splinting ends in 304 weeks and AROM starts. Finger
When should flexor tendons be reapired? When are felxor tendons weakest >60% of teh tendon is lacerated post-op days 6-12 is weakest
Describe 3 rehab approaches to flexor tendon repair Immob for 3-4 weeks in a DBS: wrist 10-30 degrees of flexion, 40-60 degrees of MCP flexion and full IP flexion. Early PROM: Active extension, passive flexion 3-6 weeks Early Active Mobilization: Zone II repairs; Controlled AROM with rubber band assist



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