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notes for discussion

Inertia in motion is called ______. Momentum
Write the equation for momentum. p = mass x velocity
In the momentum equation, what is the relationship between momentum and velocity? They are directly related
What is acceleration? A change in velocity
Name three ways velocity can change? speeding up, slowing down, or changing direction
What is momentum if there is no change in velocity? Zero
_________causes acceleration. Force
Velocity is speed and direction. True or False. True
A car is going 2 m/s north. Is this speed or velocity? Why? It is velocity because we have both speed and direction
Identify the following measurements as speed, velocity, or momentum: a. 88 km/h b. 10 m/s straight up c. 18 kg m/s down d. 19 m/s west a. speed b. velocity c. momentum d. velocity
Calculate the momentum of a 6.00 kg bowling ball moving at 10.0 m/s down the alley. p = 6.00 kg x 10.0 m/s = 60 kg m/s down the alley
Calculate the momentum of a 75 kg speed skater moving forward at 16 m/s. p = 75 kg x 16 m/s = 1200 kg m/s moving forward
Calculate the momentum of a 1.35 kg ostrich running north at 16.2 m/s. p = 1.35 kg x 16.2 m/s = 21.9 kg m/s running north
Describe the measurements necessary to find the average speed of a moving train. The distance the train traveled and the time it took to travel that distance must be measured.
Explain why knowing the velocity of an airplane is more important to a traveler than knowing only the airplane's speed. Velocity gives the direction the plane is heading.
_______and _______are important in changing momentum. Force and time
What is impulse? Impulse is force times time
What is the unit for impulse? N/s
An impulse always involves two variables. Name them. Impact force and impact time
Why should a golfer swing as hard as possible and follow through the swing? By doing so, he is creating the greatest force possible for as long as possible which results in a greater impulse and greater momentum.
Determine the units of a caterpillar's speed if you measure the distance the caterpillar travels in centimeters and the time it takes to travel this distance in minutes. cm/minute
Describe why your velocity changes when you ride a Ferris wheel even if the wheel turns at a constant speed. As the Ferris wheel turns, you are moving in a different direction at each instant of time. Since the direction changes, the velocity changes.
Describe the motion of a ball in a typical sport. Identify times when the ball moves with a constant velocity and times when its velocity changes. If a ball moves in a straight line at a constant speed, the velocity is constant. If the ball changes direction or speed, the velocity changes.
What is the velocity in meters per second of a sailboat that travels 149 m away from the shore in 16.8 s? velocity = d / t = 149 m / 16.8 s = 8.87 m/s away from shore
Created by: william myricks