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West Africa WC2

2nd Larges Continent Africa
3x the size of the United States Mali
how many nations 54
list the 5 regions west africa, central africa, north africa, east africa, and southern Africa
Native Africans are known for their what? Land
Most of the land is? Plateau
temperatures are generally? warm or hot
Most Africans are what? farmers or herders
Languages are divided into what? families
There are over how many languages spoken in Africa? 1,000
Percentage that is Tropics? 80%
Escarpement steep cliffs
cataracts large waterfalls and rapids
hydroelectric power energy produced by moving water
tropics the area between the tropic of cancer and the tropic of capricorn
leaching heavy rain dissolve and wash away it's nutrients
drought prolonged periods of little or no rainfall
desertification the turning of semidesert land into desert
pharaohs rulers of ancient Egypt
hieroglyphics Egyptians form of writing
plateaus lies on different elevations
great Rift Vally eastern part, runs to the red sea
Sahara desert, largest
pula means "rain"
Why is European languages spoken in Africa? Because of colonial ties
Hatshepsut Was the ruler of ancient Egypt
Olduvai Gorge is on the? edge of the Great Rift Valley
Was the earliest civilization in Afica Nile Valley
Polytheistic Egyptians religion
Achievements of the ancient Egyptians include? the shaduf, hieroglyphics, a calendar, medical procedures, bronze, ect
Chrisianity and Islam influenced? North Africa
Porto-Novo Benin
Nouakchott Mauritania
Yamoussoukro Cote D'lvoire (Ivory Coast)
Accra Ghana
Lome Togo
Abuja Nigeria
Niamey Niger
Dakar Senegal
Banjul Gambia
Bissau Guinea-bussau
Conakry Guinea
Freetown Sierra Leone
Munrovia Liberia
Ouagadougou Burkina Faso
Praia Cape Verde
Bamako Mali
Created by: Stephenie
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