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Miladys Ch Review

Chapter 13 Shampooing

What is the Universal Solvent? Water
Water passing through a porous substance, such as filter paper or charcoal is known as this type of water treatment Filtration
A process of heating water so that it becomes a vapor, and then condensing the purified vapor so that it collects as a liquid Distillation
The water treatment that causes matter to sink to the bottom Sedimentation
What is the main ingredient in shampoo? Water
Rain water or __________ ________ water is considered soft. Chemically softened
What is the difference between hard and soft water? Hard water contains minerals that reduce the ability of soap or shampoo to lather readily.
What type of shampoo contains special chemicals to help reduce dandruff? Medicated
These shampoos are balanced to the pH of the skin and hair (4.5-5.5) Acid Balanced Shampoos
The water loving head of a surfactant is called Hydrophilic
The oil attracting tail of a surfactant is called Lipophilic
Shampoos containing an acidic ingredient such as apple cider vinegar to cut through product buildup that can flatten hair; also increase shine Clarifying Shampoo
What shampoo washes away excess oiliness while keeping the hair from drying out? Give an example Balancing Shampoo ex Shampoo One
What are two conditioning agents that boost shampoos so they meet current grooming needs? Protein and Biotin
Products designed to slightly increase hair diameter with a coating action, thereby adding body to the hair are what kind of conditioners? Protein Conditioners
What conditioners have an application time of 10-20 minutes? Moisturizing Conditioners
What are the two basic requisites for a healthy scalp? Cleanliness and Stimulation
What is the most recommended brush for effective hair brushing? Brushes made from natural bristles
What parts of the hands and fingers are used during a massage? Balls of the fingertips, Cushions of the palms and Length of fingers
What does our wrist do when brushing the hair prior to a shampoo? Turn wrist slightly towards you in an upward motion.
What is proper posture during a shampoo service? Always keep shoulders back and hold your abdomen in, thereby lifting your upper body.
How would a highly alkaline shampoo affect color treated hair? It can leave the hair dry, brittle and porous. It also can cause fading to the color.
Describe the process of detangling hair Start at the nape and work from the bottom up
Where do you start when you are manipulating the scalp? Front Hairline
What type of shampoo is highly alkaline? Shampoo 3. It has a pH around 9-10 and opens the cuticle which removes color from the cuticle
Created by: jaskam22