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stem list 7-10

for mrs brokaw

chrome color
form shape
sequ follow
glyc sweet
hemo blood
pod foot
soror sister
-a plural
val worth
para beside or near
ultima last
infra beneath
dom rule
erg work
gastro stomach
arthro joint
ventri belly or space
dors back
anglo english
-ist one who
saur lizard
calli beautiful
austro south
tele far
tropo turn
macro large
dextro right clockwise
chiro hand
extra beyond
inter between
semi half
geo earth
meter measure
port carry
sphere round
fic make
tri three
-ous full
dict speech
-tion act or state of
terra land
vis see
auto self
bio life
phone sound
multi many
sub under
therm heat
lum light
miss away
mot move
magna great
reg rule
tend lean or stretch
lingu tounge