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Library Lingo

Words that you come across in a library

What system uses a designated set of letters and/or numbers used to identify particular items in the collection by subject and location on the shelf? Dewey Decimal System
What are the numbers and letters on the spine of the book called? Call Numbers
A collection of articles, pictures, etc. that can be searched in a computer by using subject and keyword terms is called ___? Online Research Database
What do you call the set of skills needed to find, retrieve, analyze, and use information? Information Literacy
If you do a database search and you want to find all the information on a subject you search with a __? Keyword
A list of resources that you took information from for your research paper is called what? Works cited
What are films, videos, tapes, cds mp3s, records and other audio-visual materials that require the use of materials that require the use of special equipment called? Media
What are two or more computers that are connected within a building called? Local Area Network
A brief summary of a book or article that gives the main ideas and conclusion and is placed at the beginning of the book or article is called__? Abstract
Using someone else's work or idea in your work without giving credit to the original creator is___? Plagiariam
What is the format for the delivering of regularly changing web content from news syndicates and weblogs? RSS (Rich Site Summary)
A periodical that contains scholarly articles and has both references and works cited at the end of each article is called __? Scholarly Journal
What do you call a document, photograph, news footage, etc. that provides an original, firsthand record that was created at the time of the event? Primary Source
What is the address of a website or location of resources on the Web called? URL (Uniform Resource Locator)
What is a digital audio file that is hosted on a webpage or sent to the user via RSS subscription? Podcast
Books about things that are true. Non-fiction
Books that are not true and are stories Fiction
A book that contains maps of countries, places, etc. is called___? An Atlas
A book that is written by a person all about his/her life is called _____? An Autobiography
What book do you look in for the meaning of a word? Dictionary
What do you call a person who writes a book? Author
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