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1st test memory

What did behaviorists dismiss the value of? introspection
what is the number 1 controversy in psychology? nature vs. nurture
what is the biopsychosocial approach? considers the influences of biological, psychological, and social-cultural factors
what is positive reinforcement? strengthens a response by presenting a pleasurable stimulus after a response
what is negative reinforcement? strengthens a response by reducing or removing something unpleasant after a response
what study emphasizes blood chemistry? neuroscience
which perspective focuses on observable responses? behaviorism
which perspective focuses on the potential for growth? humanism
which perspective focuses on the unconscious? psychodynamic
what does replication involve? repeating the essence of an earlier study with different participants and materials
what is the type of study to focus on a single individual? case study
what is considered intellectual conceit? overconfidence
anytime learning occurs with pairing...a reflex response? classical conditioning
what is a conscious decision made about a response? operant conditioning
what is the reappearance of a weakened conditioned response after a pause? spontaneous recovery
what is the desire to perform a behavior effectively and for its own sake? intrinsic motivation
what is the desire to behave in certain ways to receive external rewards or avoid threatened punishment? extrinsic motivation
what is the organization of information into meaningful units? chunking
what type of memory has unlimited capacity? long-term memory
what is the momentary sensory memory of auditory stimuli? echoic
what is visual memory? iconic
describe encoding... a list of things we automatically process
what occurs when not paying attention to detail? encoding failure
what is the possibility of a cause and effect relationship? correlations
who controls an experimentation? a scientist
what is the situation or factor being manipulated in an experiment? independent variable
what is the outcome of the manipulation in an experiment? dependent variable
what is the group in an experiment that receives treatment? experimental group
what is the group in an experiment that doesn't receive treatment? control group
Created by: statenislandgrl2