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Crowd management

Active Resistance To intentionally and unlawfully oppose the lawful order order of a peace officer in a physical manner.
Civil Disobedience unlawful event involving a planned or spontaneous demonstration by a group of people
Civil Disorder unlawful event/significant disruption of the public order.
Control Devices assist peace with peace (ex. batons, electrical stunning units, restraint, chemical agents)
Cordoning Surrounding or enclosing a particular problem area.
Crowd Dynamics Factors which influence crowd behavior.
Decontamination reduce the effects of nonlethal chemical agent.
Dispersal Order Lawful orders communicated/ disperse
Electrical Devices stunning devices utilized by law enforcement to control resisting subjects.
Essential Elements of Information EEI tactical information, obtained from any source without it meaningful planning cannot proceed.
Flashpoint specific locations which can be anticipated to attract criminal elements and become the origin or focal point of civil disorder.
Less Lethal Ammunition specialty impact ammunitions, hand-delivered or propelled from launching devices, designed to immobilize incapacitate or stun a human being.
Mob a disorderly group of people engaged in unlawful activity.
Mounted Tactics Crowd Control while mounted on horses.
Photographic Teams law enforcement photographers assigned to memorialize designated activity involving civil obedience.
Platoon A tactical component consisting of two or more supervised squads.
Sectoring Defining an overall area or operation and dividing it into sub-sections based upon geographical or artificial boundaries.
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