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Ramp/MD80 Test Qs

Test Questions for the Ramp and MD80 test.

LAV carts must be ______ ______ ______ Chocked, Marshaled and Parking Brake
MSDS Material Safety Data Sheet
How close can a vehicle follow to another vehicle? 25 ft
Where do you put the chocks on a vehicle? Driver back wheel
First thing in, last thing out and you show the captain Bypass Pin
Where is the GPU access panel? Below the captain's seat
Where must the aircraft follow when parking? The J line
AOA Aircraft is in or out of gate
If someone gets heat exhaustion what must you give the person cool water
When can a disabled person be denied boarding? If its unsafe
When is a security search required? Departures at beginning of day International destinations When left unattended & Unsecured TSA or local LEO due to breach of security
In what order does the cards in the back of the seat go? MD80 card Sunseeker Sick bag
What is PIES Power Source Initiator Explosive Switch
QDP Qualified Disabled Person
TSA Transportation Security Administration
FAA Federal Aviation Administration
FAR Federal Aviation Regulation
Ramp speed is _____mph. At ____ mph it goes to ____mph. In the buffer zone it is at a ______. 10mph, 50mph and a walking pace
It is _______ responsible to remove a jet bridge. your
The _____ _____ moves the jet bridge up and down. Auto Level
How many LAVs on a plane? 3
How many LAV access points and where are they? 2, one in front and one in aft
Where are the aircraft service units? On the aircraft left
_____ and ______ always have the right-of-away Aircraft an pedestrians
Never tow a _____ baggage cart behind an _____ baggage cart. Jackknifing may occur. Full, empty
The ____ _____ is a four wheel open bed trailer type vehicle used to transport baggage. baggage cart
After testing the brakes, approach an aircraft to within ____ feet of the bin door, adjust the belt height to just below the cargo bin sill height and then slowly move forward to _____ inches from the sill. 2 feet, 2-3 feet
properly positioned loader should be ____ to ____ inches below and outside the bin door sill. 2-3
_____ _____ is a device that contains pressurized air which is used to start a jet turbine engine if the APU is inoperative Air Bottle
A minimum of ____ PSI is required to accomplish an air start. 400
The bottle should be positioned approximately _____ feet from the left side of the air start door. 15-20
How many brake checks should you do and where? 2. 1 outside buffer zone and 1 inside buffer zone before placing item close to plane.
The air start inlet on the aircraft is located on the bottom left side of the fuselage just forward of the ventral air stairs and is labeled ____ ____ ____ ____. Ground Pneumatic Air Connector
When pushing or towing an aircraft it is imperative that the ____ ____ ____ is properly inserted, it is also extremely important to insure that when turning the allowable turn angle of the nose gear is not exceeded. Steering Bypass Pin
The ____ ____ is pulled by hand or tug and the pump is operated by a four stroke small gas engine. LAV cart
The ____ ____ requires an extra person to marshal it backing up to the aircraft. LAV truck
The ____ ____ cart is designed to provide drinking water to an aircraft Potable water
The ______ _____ provides air conditioned air in warm weather and heated air in cool weather. condition/heater cart
____ ____ are sometimes used at stations that do not use a jet bridge. ADA Ramp
The ____ ____ is a piece of equipment that is used to lift special needs and disabled customers into an aircraft when a jet bridge is not being used. ADA Lift
The ___ ____ ____ or ____ provides electrical power to the aircraft when the aircraft's auxiliary power unit (APU) is not in use Ground Power Unit or GPU
All equipment must be ____ and _____ before leaving it unattended. chocked and off
STAR Start The Airline Right
Created by: sweet2blea
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