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6SS Q3 Qrtly Rev 18

6SS Q3 Quarterly Review 2018

What is the relative location of Sub-Saharan Africa? west of Indian Ocean, south of Sahara Desert, east of Atlantic Ocean, south of Europe
Name the four political regions that make-up Sub-Saharan Africa. West, Central, East, South
The Horn of Africa is located in what region of Africa? Eastern
The three West African Kingdoms are __________, __________, ___________. Ghana, Songhai, Mali
Why did European countries meet in 1884? To peacefully divide the countries of Africa
Which two SSA countries remained independent from European colonization? Liberia and Ethiopia
On a data chart, what data shows that a country has a good/bad education system? Literacy Rate
desertification The changing of fertile land into land that is too dry for crops – desert land
imperialism ruling by military force
middle passage Journey of slave trading ships from west coast of Africa to the Americas
nationalism feeling of pride in your country
developING country Poorer country with LESS advanced economy, industrialization, technology, healthcare, education
developED country Richer countries with ADVANCED economy, industrialization, technology, healthcare, education
Low literacy rate, HIGH infant mortality rate, low life expectancy, low GDP per capita found in developING countries with poor healthcare because they don't have many doctors and have a poor education system
High literacy rate, LOW infant mortality rate, high life expectancy, high GDP per capita found in developED countries with good healthcare with many doctors and a good education system
How do you study for the map part of the quiz? Click on TARGETS below!
Africa is located in which hemispheres? All 4 - Northern,Southern, Eastern, and Western
Majority of Africa is located in the ______ latitude zone. low
East African Empire located in Meroe known for ironworking, trade, and learning Kush
East African Christian Kingdom that conquered Kush in 350 A.D. or C.E., located near Adulis at source of Blue Nile Axum
Natural resources traded to make West African kingdoms strong Salt and gold
Europeans wanted the Native Africans to adopt European customs because Europeans wanted Africans to feel apart of the “superior” European way of life.
apartheid South African system where racial discrimination was legal
Europeans colonized Africa because they wanted to make money from African resources
Growing vegetables to sell in order to make money Cash Crops
On a data chart, a good education system is represented by high literacy rate
On a data chart, a good health care system is represented by low infant mortality rate, high life expectancy
On a data chart, a good economy is represented by high GDP per capita, high number of cars/TVs per person
System of owning people, forcing them to work without pay, and taking all their freedom away slavery
Conditions for enslaved Africans on journey across Atlantic Ocean cramped, packed tightly together, filthy, little food and water
Growing just enough food to feed your family subsistence farming
Created by: stompkins