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Italian exceptions

fare, dare, Andare, Stare

verbs whose stems end in -c or -g require a spelling change in the tu and noi forms. Add an h to the stem in order to maintain the hard sound of the c or g. Give Example, we are playing basketball GiocHiamo a pallacanestro
you explain the rules of the game (Exception) SpiegHi le regole del gioco
To create the tu and noi forms of most verbs with stems ending in -i, such as mangiare and studiare, drop the i before adding the ending. Give Example: Do you eat fish Mangi il pesce
You study well (exception) Studi bene
We eat at the stadium (exception) Mangiamo allo stadio
We'll study in an hour (exception) Studiamo fra un'ora
Some common verbs that are followed by a preposition in English do not take a preposition in Italian. Example: They listen to rap music Ascoltano la musica rap.
Shes waiting for her friend Aspetta la sua amica.
I am looking for a bicycle Cerco una bicicletta
Are you looking at the player? Guardi il giocatore?
Other verbs may require the use of a preposition in Italian, especially when followed by an infinitive. Example: We're playing soccer. Giochiamo a calcio
I'm thinking of studying arabic Penso di studiare arabo.
What are the four irregular -are verbs and what do they mean. Andare=to go dare=to give fare=to do, to make stare=to be, to stay
I go io vado
you go tu vai
you go; he/she/it goes Lei/lui/lei va
we go noi andiamo
you go (you guys, plural) voi andate
they go loro vanno
Use andare + a+ [Infinitive] to talk about what people are going to do. Example: Are you going fishing at the lake? Vai a pescare al lago?
The girls aren't going dancing. Le ragazze non vanno a ballare
Use the preposition a before the names of cities and small islands, and in beofre the names of countries or regions. Example: We're not going to Rome. Non andiamo a Roma
I'm going to Italy Vado in Italia
I give io do
you give tu dai
you give; he/she/ it gives Lei/lui/lei dá
we give noi diamo
you give (plural) voi date
they give loro danno
Maria gives the cards to Joe. (Don't forget preposition) Maria dá le carte a Joe.
I give the bike to Caterina Do la bici a Caterina
Expressions with Dare Example: to address informally Pina addresses the professor formally dare del tu Pina dá del Lei al professore.
Expressions with Dare Example: to address formally dare del lei
Expressions with Dare Example: To take an exam dare un esame
Expressions with Dare Example: to lend a hand & We are helping leo dare una mano Diamo una mano a Leo
I do/make io faccio
you do/make tu fai
you/she/it does/makes Lei/lui/lei fa
we do/make noi facciamo
you do/make voi fate
they do/make loro fanno
to pay attention fare attenzione
to take a bath/ a shower fare il bagno/ la doccia
I take a shower Faccio la doccia
to have breakfast fare colazione
to take a short walk fare due passi
to ask a question fare una domanda
to take a picture fare una foto
to take a field trip fare una gita
to take a walk fare una passeggiata
to buy groceries/to shop fare la spesa/le spese
to take a trip fare un viaggio
Massimo has breakfast at the café Massimo fa colazione al bar.
I stay/am io sto
you stay/are tu stai
you/are he/she/it stays/is Lei,Lui,Lei sta
we stay/are noi stiamo
you (plural), stay/are voi state
they stay/are loro stanno
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