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pelvis radiology


The male urethra can be divided into how many sections? 3
Which muscle forms the major part of the pelvis diaphragm Levator Ani
Thickest portion of the uterine wall Myometrium
Shortest portion of the male urethra membranous urethra
attaches the ovaries to the pelvic wall suspensory ligament
ejaculatory duct opens into the prostatic urethra
located between the uterus and bladder vesicouterine pouch
The thickened fold of mesentery that supports and stablilizes the position of each ovary is the Broad ligament
The upper portion of the acetbulum is created by the body of the ilium
The ___are fingerlike projection on the injundibulum that spread loosely over the surface of the ovaries Fimbriae
What broad muscle covers the anterior surface of the iliac fossa iliacus
Which structure transports sperm from the testes ________ Vas deferens
Which of the following acts as a bony landmark separating the abdominal cavity from the pelvic cavity Sacral Promontory
Which of the following muscles originated from the symphysis pubis and extends to the xiphoid process and costal carilage of the fifth, sixth, and seventh ribs? Rectus Abdominus
The muscle that acts to rotate the thigh laterally and originated from the ilium and sacrum and passes through the greater sciatic notch to insert on the greater trochanter of the femus is the Piriformis
Which of the following ligaments attach the inferior aspect of the ovaries to the lateral surface of the uterus and uterine tubes ovarian
The obturator and umbilical arteries are two of the braches of which artery internal iliac
In the pelvis arteries are always anterior to veins T/F True
Which of the following suspensory ligaments of the uterus help to prevent posterior movement of the uterus as they extend laterally from the terine cornu to the inner inguinal ring and anchor the labia majora? Round Ligament
The broad ligament encloses all of the following except the Bladder
The ejaculatory duct opens into the prostatic urethra
That is the largest accessory structure of the male reproductive system? prostate gland
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