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Exam 2

what time is it? (Singular) Che ora é? (Use W/ Mezzogiorno (noon), Mezzanotte (midnight), and 1:00)
what time is it? (Plural) Che ore sono? (All other hours expressed with sono le + [number]
How do you say it is 6 o'clock? Sono le sei
How do you say it is 10 o'clock? Sono le dieci
How do you say it is 4:05? Sono le quattro e cinque
How do you say it is 3:50? Sono le tre meno dieci
How do you say it is quarter past? un quarto or quindici
A quarter to? meno un quarto
Half hour? mezzo/mezza or trenta
How do you say it is 1:15? é l'una e un quarto
How do you say it is 7:30? Sono le sette e mezzo
How do you say in the morning (A.M) di mattina/del mattino
How do you say in the afternoon? (P.M) del pomeriggio
How do you say in the evening? di sera
How do you say at night? di notte
To ask what time something takes place at? A che ora? Reply with mezzogiorno/mezzanotte, all'una or alle + [all other hours]
The class is at 9:45 La lezione é alle dieci meno un quarto
Days of the week i giorni della settimana (not capitalized, all masculine except domenica)
Monday lunedí
Tuesday martedí
Wednesday mercoledí
Thursday giovedí
Friday venerdí
Saturday sabato
Sunday domenica
What day is it? Che giorno é?
Today is Friday Oggi é venerdí
Tomorrow is Saturday Domani é sabato.
I have Italian class on Mondays Ho lezione d'italiano il lunedí (express a recurring event use singular definite article before the day)
I'm going to the library on Monday Vado in biblioteca lunedí (Refer to a specific day without the article)
Use the definitive article with una (Say its 1:00 PM) é l'una del pomeriggio
How are you? Come sta/stai? (form/fam)
How are things? Come va?
Everything ok? tutto bene?
Pretty Well Abbastanza bene
Me too Anch'io
So-So Cosí Cosí
Not bad Non c'é male
I am very well Sto molto bene
I am not well Sto male
Please per favore
Your Welcome Di niente, prego
Excuse me Scusi/a (form/fam)
There is/there are c'é/ci sono
What is it? Che cos'é?
Who is it? Chi é?
Here ecco
To form the present tense of a regular -are verb, drop the -are and add the endings that correspond to each person to the stem. Parlare (to speak)
I speak io parlo
you speak tu parli
you speak; he/she/it speaks Lei/lui/lei parla
We speak noi parliamo
You speak (you guys, plural) voi parlate
they speak loro parlano
to live, to reside abitare
to arrive arrivare
to wait (for) aspettare
to change cambiare
to have dinner cenare
to look for cercare
to call chiamare
to begin to cominiciare (a)
to buy comprare
to desire/ to want desiderare
to forget dimenticare
to attend frequentare
to drive guidare
to meet with incontrare
to learn (to) imparare (a)
to teach insegnare
to work lavorare
to send mandare
to eat mangiare
to pay pagare
to think (about/of) pensare (a/di)
to bring; to wear portare
to practice practicare
to remember ricordare
to return (ri)tornare
to explain spiegare
to study studiare
to telephone telefonare (a)
to find trovare
to use usare
to travel viaggiare
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