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Counseling U4

Counselors as Leaders

Caring power Relates on passion for helping others. Centers around motivating students, supporting teachers and assisting administration. It causes others to respond positively in important matters that impact change.
Clarifying help others bring ambiguos menings into focus by carefully choosing words by the speaker
Collaborative Leadership entails collaboration among multiple parties
Connection Power based on the counselor's connections with influential people that can influence change. (school board, central administration staff, parent organizations etc)
Course Enrollment and tracking patterns Help students make decisions that are consistent with their future goals
Facilitative responses Include Reflecting, Paraphrasing, Clarifying, Open-Ended questions, Closed questions, Interpreting/ Analizing (Examples of communication interventions with teachers and parents of the book are given in that same order)
Leadership mindset The counselor together with other school leades view their positions as crucial in supporting indicators of student success (grades, attendance, discipline referrals, test scores, dropout rate and student retention)
Leadership team school improvement team (example a committee or task force). Counselors not necessarily will be part of a leadership team, rather they'll exercise leadership as a mindset
Paraphrasing used to reinforce to others that they have been heard. Active listening. Different from reflecting in tat it gives a summary of what has been said
Position or Jurisdictional power Power that comes from authority invested in the position. (superintendents and principals). For a counselor It can come from being head of a committee
Power Opportunity for influence. can be with respect to a position, a relationship, caring power, transformational/ developmental, connection, rewards, technical or expert
Questioning Carefully choosing open ended questions to cover information feelings and understanding
Referent or Relationship power It comes form positive relationships with others. They influence through encouragement and recognition. Using their facilitative skills and understanding group dynamics.
Reflecting Capture the meaning beyond the expressed words.
Reward power Lead by giving rewards (material or emotional) for compliance. [support, praise, recognition, promotions, monetary rewards.) Example set a teaching recognition award.
Stakeholders School stakeholders are not only the school board, parents, staff, and students, but also local business owners, community groups and leaders, professional organizations, potential enrollments, youth organizations, the faith community, media, etc. Anyone
Technical, information or expert power Comes from knowledge or expertise. Provide teachers and parents with timely and accurate information about interventions, underachievers, ADHD, agressive students, etc.
Transformational or Developmental power Ability to help others become empowered. Enhancing problem solving capacities. Shaping goals, vision and motives are shaped and enhanced
Developing Leadership Skills Start by analyzing one's own strength and weaknesses (Self awareness)/ Develop facilitative communication/ Team Development (real team? compelling direction? enables teamwork? supportive environment? Expert coaching?)/ Staff development
The impact of the School Counselor as a Leader Leadership is a mindset join forces with other educators. Believes in the development of every child. Allies to educators .
Created by: steffychase9