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Chap. 8-11 Key Terms

Megacity giant urban area that includes surrounding cities and suburbs
Guerillas members of an irregular military force operating in small bands behind enemy lines
Llaneros Venezuelan cowboys
Llanos plains of Venezuela
Strike the organized withdrawal of work from a firm by a union
Referendum procedure enabling voters to reject a measure passed by the legislature
Strait narrow water passage connecting two larger bodies of water
Isthmus narrow land stretch connecting two larger land areas
Archipelago chain of islands
Ecotourism tourism based on concern for the environment
Dialect regional variety of a language
Altiplano high plain
Estuary area where a river merges with an ocean
Pampas plains of Argentina
Gauchos cowboys of Argentina
Deforestation removal of trees faster than forests can regrow them
Soil Exhaustion when soil has lost all of its nutrients
El Nino warm current of South America's northeast coast that influences global weather patterns
Cloud Forest mountain forests where temperatures are cool and fog/clouds keep vegetation constantly moist
Refugee an exile who flees for safety
Mestizo person of mixed Spanish and Native descent
Infrastructure basic framework of a building or system
Coup violent overthrow of a government by a small group
Favelas large slums in Brazil
Creoles Spaniards born in Latin America
Informal Economy economic activity neither taxed nor monitored by the government
Landlocked surrounded by land entirely or almost
Viceroy governor or ruler exercising authority on behalf of a sovereign in a province or colony
Commonwealth a republic
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