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s.s. study guide23rd

for 2-23-2011

what city is known of the birth place for islam? mecca
what is kaaba? a shrine where you worship allah or islamic faith
who founded islam? muhammad
what is hegira? muhammads journey to mecca
3 reasons why people dont like muhammads teachings? 1. they wanted to remain polytheist. 2. they lost money from ppl traveling to visit all gods 3. didnt agree with all his teachings.
whats a mosque? muslim house of worship
what is Ramadan? a month where islamic people fast and pray
who was a chosen leader of islam after the death of muhammad? abu bakur
what empire ruled spain for over 700 years.? moors
jannisaries are: slave soldiers
moghul as founded by? babur
what emperor lowered taxes? akbar
capital of islamic empire? baghdad
turkish muslims from central asia? mughals
the tomb built bye emperor shan jahan was called the? taj mahal
Created by: mamachickababa