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Statistics Psychomet

Behavioral Medicine, wvsom

What are some things when we measure human function or aptitude? Cognitive ability (IQ) Academic achievement Memory Vocabulary Fine motor speed Strength of Lateral Preference (right vs lefthanded)
What do we look at when we assess traits in an individual? Personality and preferences Depression Anxiety
What are the four methods of assessment? Sample Projective Actuarial Self-Report
What places a limit on validity? reliability, (get a consistent result)
Which term means an instrument measures what it purports to measure? validity
What indicates that an instrument would yield the same result for anyone who uses it? standardization
What does a normative sample indicate? The average for a large number of a population in the thousands, it yields a distribution.
What are the four types of distribution? Normal Bimodal Flat Skewed
How is bimodal different from normal? It has two peaks.
What is a flat distribution? All of the measurements are likely.
What is a skewed distribution? There is a bell curve with a long tail on one end. Example: income
What is the standard deviation? How far you go plus/minus from the mean to include 68% of the population in a distribution.
Two standard deviations away from the mean indicates what in a normal distribution? You are different from the general population. For IQ, you are retarded 70 or gifted 130.
What is the mean? average
What is the median? middle
What is the mode? most common
What is a standard score? mean=100, 50 is low
What is percentile? mean=100, 50 is within normal limits
What is the standard deviation on a T-score? 10
What is a stanine? Measure the variable into chunks, it is used in education going from 1-9 with low being poor and high being good
True or False. IQ changes over time. False. IQ is stable over time, especially after age 15
What are some examples of IQ tests. Stanford-Binet Scales of Intelligence Detroit Tests of Learning Aptitude The Wechsler Scales
What are the most common projection tests? Rorschach - 10 pictures Thematic Apperception Test – 21 cards Sentence Completion
What are IQ test applications? Mental retardation Learning disabilities Intellectual giftedness
What does ability-achievement mean respectively? Intelligence-academics
What must the discrepency be in order to be classified as learning disabled? 15
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