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Adolescent Developme

Behavioral Medicine, wvsom

What are some observed traits of males who reach puberty early? Self confident Independent Mature in social rel. Student body president More athletes Higher intelligence Increased sexual activity
What are some observed traits of females who reach puberty early? More competent More responsible Adaptable Better academically Later sexual activity
The majority of teenagers have had sexual intercourse by what age? 19
How many adolescent girls become pregnant each year? 1,000,000
What are some psychiatric illness and other disorders recognized as having onset in adolescence? Depression Substance abuse Anti-social behavior Suicide Schizophrenia Trying different roles Rebellion against parents Eating Disorders
From highest to lowest, what are the causes of death of adolescents? Accidents Homicide Suicide
True or False. Persons under the age of 25 are more likely to be arrested than people older than 25. True 62% of all arrests are persons under 25 years of age
What are some indicators that an adolescent may be prone to violent behavior? Genetic factors Psychopathology Child victims of abuse Poverty Drugs Past violence Cognitive or psychiatric History of violence/abuse Serious antisocial behavior as a child. Especially against animals.
True or False. There are gender and race bias when it comes to imprisoning adolescents for criminal behavior. True
What is a common disorder affecting female adolescents? eating disorder such as anorexia nervosa or bulemia nervosa
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