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Sexuality Terms

Human Sexuality Terms and Definitions

nymphomania a term sometimes used to describe erotomania in women
asexuality a condition characterized by a low interest in sex.
autogynephilia a tendency found in some males to become sexually aroused by obsessive thoughts and images of being females and having female attributes, or even female sex organs
fetishism sexual arousal triggered by objects or materials not usually considered to be sexual
kleptomania extreme form of fetishism in which sexual arousal is generated by stealing.
frotteurism gaining sexual gratification from anonymously pressing or rubbing one's genitals against others, usually in crowded settings
voyeurism sexual gratification from viewing others who are nude or who are engaging in sexual activities
urophilia sexual arousal connected with urine or urination
coprophilia sexual arousal connected with feces
autoerotic asphyxiation accidental death from pressure placed around the neck during masturbatory behavior
bestiality a human being's having sexual contact with an animal
necrophilia having sexual activity with a dead body
pansexual lacking highly specific sexual orientations or preferences; open to a range of sexual activities
impotence difficulty achieving or maintaining erection of the penis
premature ejaculation difficulty that some men experience in controlling the ejaculatory reflex, resulting in rapid ejaculation
dyspareunia recurrent or persistent genital pain related to sexual activity.
male erectile disorder (ED) difficulty achieving or maintaining penile erection (impotence)
paraphile (paraphilic) person who is drawn to one or more of the paraphilias.
quid pro quo something gained from something given.
incest sexual activity between closely related family members
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