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organzational change

management a practical introduction

adaptive change is reintroduation of a familiar pratice
benchmarking a process by which a comapny compares its performance with that of hig-performing organization
change agent a consultant with a background in behavioral sciences who can be a catalys in helping organization deal with old problems in new ways
creativity which os the process of developing something new or unique
incremental innovations the creation of products, swervices, or technologies that modify existing ones
innovative change is the introduction of a pratcie that is new to the organization
intervention is the attempt to correct the diagnosed problems
organizational development (OD) is a set og techniques for implementing planned change to make people and organizations more effective
proactive change planned change, involoves making carefully throught-out changes in anticipation of possible or expected problems ot opportunities
process innovation is a change in the way a performance or service is conceived, manfactured, or disseminated
product innovation is a change in the apperance or the performance of a product or service or the creation of a new one
radical innovation the creation of products, or services, or technologies that replace existing ones
radically innovation change involves introducting a pratcie that is new to the industury
reactive change making changes in response to problems or opportunities as they arise
resistance to change is an emotional/behavioral response to real or imagined threats to an established work routine
seeds of innovation the starting point for organizational innovation
technology is not just computer technology; it is any machine or process that nables an organizaion to gian a competitive advantag n changing materials used to produce a finished product
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