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Description of Zoonotic DZ WCC

Zoonotic DzSymptomsEtiological AgentTransmission
Rabies Neurological, Generally fatal in people and domestic animals Rabies VIRUS Bite wounds, Hosts all mammals
Contagious Ecthyma (Orf) Pustular lesions or rash parapoxVIRUS Contact w/lesions or infected fomites Hosts, sheep, goats, wild ungulates
Herpes B Virus non-human; mild cold-sore, humans; Encephalities, actute adb pain, fever, diarrhea, 70% fatality herpes VIRUS contact w/lesions, aerosol (non-human primates)
Equine Encephalomyelities Neurologic Arboviruses (EEE, WEE, VEE, West Nile) Mosquitos are vectors, Horses/birds
Anthrax Cutaneious Form (Wool Sorters Dz) Bacillus anthracis (BACTERIA) Bite wound or direct exposure to spores (Cattle, sheep, goats, dogs humans
Brucellosis Undulent Fever Brucella abortus Contact with infected material (cattle, sheep, Goats, dogs)
Cat Scratch Dz Lymphadenities, Dermatitis, Septicimia Bartonella Henselae Bite or scratch Host: cats
Leptospirosis non-specific, icterus Leptospira interrogans (BACTERIA) contact w/infected urine Hosts: rodents ruminants, dogs, cats, people
Plague Bubonic-Lymph Nodes, Septicemic-whole body, pneumonic-lungs Yersinia pestis (Bacteria) Bites from fleas, Hosts: fleas of rats/rodents, occ dogs and cat fleas
Psittacosis (parrot fever) Generalize fever, flu C. psittaci (bacteria, chlamydia) Aerosol or fecal Host: parrots, occ. poultry
Bacterial Enteric Disease GI, Septicemia, Local Infections (Diarrhea!!) Salmonella, Shigella, Campylobacter Fecal oral, ingestions of cntmntd food Hosts: repitles, birds, large animals, non-human primates
Turberculosis Respiratory, Septicemic Mycobacterium bovis. M. TB, M. avium Inhaled droplets Host: Cattle, birds, primates, humans
Q-Fever Flu coxiella burnetti Contaminated birth fluids (ruminants) aerosols or ingestin of infected milk/meat - ticks? Host:cows, humans
Tularemia Flu Occ. fatal, pneumonia etc. Francisella tularensis BACTERIA Handling infec animals, tick bites Hosts: wild rodents, lagomorps
Lyme Disease Flu, rash, polyarthritis, endocarditis Borellia burgdorferi BACTERIA Deer ticks Hosts: cats, dogs, cattle, horses, humans
Erysipeloid Animal-diamond skin Dz, Human-Inflammatory lesions/skin, septicemia Eryslpelothris rhuslopathiae Contamination of wounds while handling Hosts: swine, occ fish/poultry
Rat Bite Fever Acute febrile Dz, Inflamm. lymphadenopath, rash, complication; pneumomia, hepatitis, enteritis Gram neg, pleomorphic strep Infect by bite of infect rodent or via contaminated milk or food Hosts: Rats/Mice
Toxoplasmosis Abortion, Birth defects Protozoan parasite Ingestion/inhalation of oocysts, improperly prepared food Hosts: rodents, cats, birds, humans
Cutaneious laraval Migrans Intense PURITIS Hookworms Infect larva from soil Hosts: dogs cats
Visceral larval Migrans Allergic reaction, Infection/GI/Liver Roundworms Ingest of infective larvae from soil or close contact with animals Hosts: dogs cats
Scabies Intense puritis Parsitic mite contact with dogs esp. puppies Hosts: all mammals
Dermatomycosis (Ringworm) Pruritis, rash, circular lesions Fungi, microsporum sp. Direct contact Hosts: dogs cats occ large animals
Vectors Mechanical Biological Mechnanical: no life change Bilogical: growth and devl of infectious agent/multiply or develop prior to becoming infective.
Created by: wccvettech