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Geirfa Ychwanegol

Wplan Geirfa Ychwanegol

Y Tywydd (eb) The Weather
Sut mae'r tywydd? How's the weather?
Mae hi'n... It is...(weather condition)
Bwrw glaw (glaw - eg) raining (rain)
Bwrw eira (eira - eg) snowing (snow)
Oer (oeri - b) cold (to get/ grow cold)
Stormus stormy
Heulog sunny
Cymylog cloudy
Niewlog (niwl - eg) foggy (fog)
Gwyntog (gwynt - eg) windy (wind)
Poeth, twym hot
Sych dry
Cynnes, twym (cynhesu, twymo - b) warm (to get/ become warm)
Diflas miserable
Rhifau Numbers
Un (soft mut before singular f.n) 1
Dau (dwy - feminine & soft mut) 2
Tri (tair - feminine) 3
Pedwar (pedair - feminine) 4
Pump 5
Chwech 6
Saith 7
Wyth 8
Naw 9
Deg 10
un deg un / un ar ddeg 11
un deg dau / deuddeg 12
un deg tri 13
un deg pedwar 14
un deg pump / pymtheg 15
un deg chwech / un ar bymtheg 16
un deg saith / dau ar bymtheg 17
un deg wyth / deunaw 18
un deg naw / pedwar ar pymtheg 19
dau ddeg / ugain 20
dau ddeg un 21
dau ddeg dau 22
dau ddeg tri 23
tri deg / deg ar hugain 30
tri deg un 31
tri deg dau 32
pedwar deg / Deugain 40
pedwar deg un 41
pum deg / hannar cant 50
pum deg un 51
pum deg dau 52
pum deg tri 53
pum deg pedwar 54
chwe deg / trigain 60
chwe deg un 61
chwe deg dau 62
saith deg 70
saith deg un 71
wyth deg / pedwar ugain 80
naw deg 90
cant 100
Yr Amser (eb) The Time
Faint o'r gloch (yw hi)? What time (is it)?
O'r gloch o'clock
Awr hour
Hannar half
Chwarter quarter
Munud minute
Wedi after
Mae hi'n...(sm) o'r gloch It is... o'clock
Am... o'r gloch At... o'clock
Dw i'n... am... I am... at...
Tri o'r gloch Three o'clock
Pum munud wedi tri 5 minutes after 3
Deg munud wedi tri 10 minutes after 3
Chwarter wedi tri Quarter after (past) 3
Ugain munud wedi tri 20 minutes after 3
Pum munud ar hugain wedi tri 25 minutes after 3
Hannar awr wedi tri Half hour after 3 (past) 3
Pum munud ar hugain i dri 25 minutes to 3
Ugain munud i dri 20 minutes to 3
Chwarter i dri Quarter to 3
Deg munud i dri 10 minutes to 3
Pum munud i dri 5 minutes to 3
Dyddiau'r Wythnos Days of the week
Dydd Sul Sunday
Nos Sul Sunday night
Dydd Llun Monday
Nos Lun Monday night
Dydd Mawrth Tuesday
Nos Fawrth Tuesday night
Dydd Mercher Wednesday
Nos Fercher Wednesday night
Dydd Iau Thursday
Nos Iau Thursday night
Dydd Gwener Friday
Nos Wener Friday night
Dydd Sadwrn Saturday
Nos Sadrwn Saturday night
Misoedd Months
Mis Ionawr January
Mis Chwefror February
Mis Mawrth March
Mis Ebrill April
Mis Mai May
Mis Mehefin June
Mis Gorffenaf July
Mis Awst August
Mis Medi September
Mis Hydref October
Mis Tachwedd November
Mis Rhagfyr December
Cyfnodau Seasons
Y gwanwyn Spring
Yr haf Summer
Yr hydref Autumn
Y gaeaf Winter
Lliwiau Colours
coch red
glas blue
gwyrdd green
oren orange
du black
gwyn white
pinc pink
porffor purple
brown brown
llwyd grey
Created by: jrhysmartin



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