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7SS Q3 Latin America

Vocab, geograhy of Latin America

Age of Exploration 15th to early 17th century when Europeans explored/colonized large parts of Africa, Asia, and Americas
Caribbean Of or relating to to the eastern and southern West Indies or Caribbean Sea
Caudillos A military officer who rules strictly
Central America A region of south North America extending from the south border of Mexico to north border of Colombia
Colony Territory controlled by another country
Columbian Exchange exchange of plants/animals/diseases/ideas between Eastern (Europe) and Western (Americas) hemispheres after the voyages of Columbus
Conquistador A Spanish explorer that conquered native civilizations and started new settlements in Mexico
Criollos a person whose parents are Spanish, born in the Latin American colonies. Well educated and wealthy
Encomiendas the rights to demand taxes or labor from the Native Americans
Free Trade Trade without tariffs (taxes)
Gross Domestic Product Total value of all goods and services produced by a nation in a year
Gross Domestic Product per capita Total value of all goods and services produced by a nation in a year divided by the population of a country
Hieroglyphics System of writing in which pictorial symbols are used to represent meaning or sounds
Indigenous Native or naturally occurring to an area of land
Isthmus A narrow strip of land that has water on both sides and joins two larger bodies of land
Latin America Physical region consisting of Central America, South America, and the Caribbean Islands. Maize
Mestizo a person of mixed European and Native American ancestry
NAFTA North American Free Trade Agreement – agreement between US, Canada, Mexico to trade without tariffs
Rain forest Area of dense forest that receives a large amount of rain
Slash and Burn Farming Cutting down and burning forests to create fields and fertilizer to grow crops
South America 4th-Largest Continent surrounded by the Atlantic & Pacific Oceans, Caribbean Sea.
Terraced Farming Building walls to make land level and suitable for farming
Developed Country Country w/high GDP per capita, most people have high standard of living with access to goods & services. GDP per capita is usually above $18K
Developing Country Low GDP per capita, most people have low standard of living with access to few goods and services. GDP per capita less than $18K
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