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Chapter 2

Earths physical geography

vertical climate climate changes with height of mountain
revolution a circular journey around the sun
plateau a large flat area that rises above surrounding land
magma layer of rock below the plates
weathering process of breaking rocks down into tiny pieces
three things that cause weathering wind, rain, and ice
Atmosphere provides life giving oxygen for people & animals and carbon dioxide for plants
orbit the oval shaped path the earth travles around the sun
vegetation plants that grow naturally
plate huge pieces of the earths crust
axis an imaginary line running through the earth between north and south
tundra lies along the artic circle with shor cold summers and long colder winters
precipitation water that falls to the group as rain sleet hail or snow
temperature how cold or hot the air feels
canopy a cover created by upper branches of trees where sunlight can't get through
how does latitude effect earths climate the closer the latitude is to the sun the warmer the climate (low, middle, high). The tempatures vary by latitude
wind and waters effects on the earth's climate they keep the earth from overheating
why is there a lot of vegetation in the rainforest because there is a lot of rain, heat and light
what kinds of vegetation grow in humid continental climate grasslands and forests
what kind of vegetation grows in polar climate low shrubs, mosses, lichens and a few flowering plants
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