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History of FilmExam1

Who was Thomas Edison? Inventor
What did Thomas Edison invent for sound? Phonograph
What did Edison invent for viewing? Kinetoscope
What did Edison invent for cameras? Kinetograph
What was the name for Edison's film studio? The Black Maria
What were Kinetoscopes primarily filmed of? Vaudeville Acts, Re-creations, and actualities
What advancements did Edison make? perforated film, standard film gauge-35mm, shutter, and intermittent motion of film
What were the drawbacks to Edison's system? non-portable, studio-bound films, short film length, individual viewing
What was the Lumiere Brothers first big masterpiece? Arrival of a Train
Why was Arrival of a Train such a masterpiece? dynamic sense of perspective via the diagonal line, movement, composition in depth
What was the Lumiere Bros. first invention? Cinematographe
What were the advances of the Lumiere Brothers? portable, allowed location shooting, versitile
What were the functions of the cinematograph? camera, projector, and film processor
What were the advances of the Lumiere Brothers films? outdoor cinematography, the 'gag' film, special effects, camera placement
What happened 12/28/1895? the first projected public screening of 10 short films
What were some characteristics of early films? static camera, long takes, theatre influence (front row camera placement) and procenium framing, 1 movie equaled 1 shot
Who was Georges Melies? filmmaker, made trick films which used camera effects. His first blockbuster was A Trip to The Moon
Who wrote His Girl Friday? Howard Hawks
What were some of Milies' contribution? Pioneered the use of special effects, cinema can create it's own story world, longer films, 1 shot equals 1 scene
Who is Edwin S. Porter? Was part of Edison's company, started as an engineer, became a camera man/director
What was significant about Life of an American Fireman? misture of stock and staged footage, originally thought to be the first example of intercutting
What advances did Porter contribute? varied perspectives in exterior shots, moving camera, longer film, complex narrative,
Created by: missmissie
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