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soical studies

What is an isthmus? Narrow strip of land with water on both sides that connects two larger bodies of land.
What seven countries are in the Panama Canal? Belize, Guatemala, Honduras, El Salvador,Nicaragua, Costa Rica, and Panama
What is the Mountainous Core? Runs the length of Central America
What is the crops that you can grow in the Mountainous Core? The crops you grow is potatoes and barley
What is the Caribbean lowlands weather like? Tropical wet(hot and humid with heavy rainfall)
Where is the Caribbean lowlands? Easter side of Central America
How much rain does the Caribbean lowlands have in a year? More then 80 inches a year
What is the largest lake in the Pacific Coastal Plain? Lake Nicaragua is the largest lake in the Pacific Coastal Plain
What is the same in the climate? moist winds
What does archipelago mean? group of islands
What is the difference in windward and leeward? windward is the side the gets hit with different types of weather and leeward is the side that doesn't get hit at all
Why do people migrate to another place? To search for jobs, get more food, better house, better ways of living, be close to family, and better schools
What are the three regions in Brazil? Northern tropics, Andean countries, Southern grassland countries
What is Guyana's official language? English
What is a mulattoes? mixed African and other ancestry
What type of economic activities are in the Guiana's? Fishing, farming, manning
What is bauxite? a mineral used in making aluminum
Who is Guyana's larger waster neighbor? Venezuela
What mountain towers over the Caribbean? Andes Mountains
Does Brazil have favelas? Yes
What is near the border of Brazil? Tropical forest
What does Ilanos mean? It means plains
Is Venezuela dependent on varied climates or elevation? elevation
What is the largest water fall in Venezuela? Angel Falls
Why do people migrate to another place? To search for jobs, get food, houses, better ways of living, family, and better schools
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