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socialogoy science scientic criteria to is used make determations reashers do not become emotional involed results empirical
characteristis soft science reasearch must be systematic, recicable unbiased concerned with society not induavel
karl marx conflict theorist haves and have nots ecomic determanism
max weber functionalist american civil war
robert merton all human behavior epared by qually important consequences manifest funcation and latent consequenes
society a self contained group come together within common territory, survial, perpetuation particaler way of life.
culture shared knowledge rules customs of a group
4 facts about lanaguage transmit cultures through successive genarations buits on previous knowledge transends time and space exert social control
linguistic relativity a filtering system based own personal experiance and beliefs
vaule common set of beliefs about right and wrong
norms the agreed steps of achieving vaules
empirical obsevable, measuable, and testable
disinterestedness scientist must be impartial recptive and open to all possibities
variable any iteim that can be measured and take on different vaules
validity the study measures, what it intends to measure
reliablity consistency in the study
replication repeating a study to insure its validity
correlation a change in one varible is related to a change in another
Hawthorne effect particates respond the way they think the reaseaches want them to respond
ethical reseach anonymity no coercion no irreparable harm informed consent
paradigm is a frame or model
Created by: Kaitlyn shields