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physics 4&5

an xray photon is a quantum of what electromagnetic energy
what is another name for a photon quantum
how is energy related to its frequency directly
what are the 4 properties of a photon frequency, wavelength, velocity and amplitude
what does the symbol C represent velocity 3x10^8 m/s
what is the rate of the rise and fall of a sine wave frequency
what is the range fom crest to valley called in a sine wave amplitude
wht is the number of wavelengths that pass a point of observation per second frequency
how is frequency measured hertz
wavelength and frequency are________ proportional inversely
reduction in intensity that results from scattering and absorption electromagnetic energy attenuation
why is the intensity of radiation reduced with distance because it is spread out over a greater distance
photon energy is ______proportional to its frequency directly
what is planck's constant 4.15x10^-15
what is planck's equation E=HF E-energy, H-planck"constant, F-frequency
what is the diagnostic xray range 30-150 kvp
what is the research range <10kvp
matter can be transformed into _____ and energy can be transformed into_____ energy, matter
what is the relativity formula E=MC^2
waht is the highest range of energy gamma rays
what is the lowest range of energy radiowaves
wht type of rays are produced in the nucleus of the atom gamma rays
what type of rays are produced outside of the nucleus xrays
when will photons act with matter most easily when the matter is close tto the same size of the photon wavelength
what is the study of stationary electric charges electrostatics
what is the smallest unit of electrical charges electron
electrification occurs through the movement of what electron
what are the electrostatic laws unlike charges attract and like repel/ electric is uniform or throughout the surface/ electric charge of a conductor is concentrated along the sharpest curvature of the surface
what is coulombs law the electrostatic force is directly proportional to the product of the electrostatic charges and inversely proportional to the square of the distance between them
what is the study of electric charges in motion electrodynamics
what is the substance in which electrons flow easily conductor (metals, water, copper being the best
what does not allow electrons to flow easily insulators (glass, clay, and other earthlike materials)
what acts as a insulator or conductor depending on the conditions semiconductor (silicon, germanium
waht are the conditions that cause a semiconductor to act as a insulator or conductor temperature
what happens to current when resistance to electric increases reduces the current
what is an electric current controlled resistance in a conductor, and the conductor is a closed path
What is the formula for ohms law V=IR V=volts or electrical potential I=electrical current or amps and R=electric resistance or ohms
what is a series circuit all circuit elements are connected on a line of the same conductor
what is a parallel circuit elements are connected at the ends rather than lying on a line of a conductor
what is a current flow of electrons through a conductor
what is a D/C current direct current and produced by a baattery and the electrons flow in one direction
what is a A/C current current produced by a generator. electrons flow alternately in opposite direction (basically anything that has to be plugged in)
in the US how long does it take a A/C to go through a complete cycle 1/60 second
how is the electrical charge distributed evenly throughout
where do charges concentrate on a electrified object sharpest curvature
volt is the unit of electric potential
voltage is another name for what electric potential
electric power is measured in watts
what is required for common household appliances 500-1500 watts
what does a charged particle in motion create magnetic field
what is magnetism measured in tesla
the lines of a magnetic field are always closed loops
what is accumulation of dipoles magnetic domain
lines of magnetic field that do not start or end bipolar
small magnet created by the electron orbit dipole
natural magnet earth
water and plastic are examples of what type of magnetic material(repelled by either pole) diamagnetic
magnetic material that is strongly attracted when placed in a external magnetic field ferromagnetic
magnetic material that is slightly attracted by external magnetic field paramagnetic
what is a solenoid coil of wire
what changes the intensity of alternating voltage and current transformer
sinusoidal fashion wavelike
three imaging windows xray imaging, visual imaging, MR imaging
what wattage do light bulbs require 30 to 150
what wattage do xray machines require 20 to 150
what is the older SI unit of magnetic field strength guass
the magnitude of the induced current depends on four factors faradays law
four factors of faradays law the strength of the magnetic field velocity of the magnetic field as it moves past the conductor angle of the conductor to the magnetic field number of turns in conductor
an electric current is induced in a circuit if some part of that circuit is in a changing magnetic field electromagnetic induction
what changes the intensity of alternating voltage and current transformer
what has one winding and varies both voltage and current autotransformer
what are variations of amplitude over time sine waves
wave equation wavelength= velocity/frequency
electromagnetic wave equation velocity=frequency x wavelength
structures that absorb xray radiopaque
structures that transmit xray radiolucent
electrification can be created by what contact, friction, induction
resistance decreases as the temperature of material_________ reduced
the property of some material to exhibit no resistance below a critical temperature superconductivity
any charged particle in motion creates a magnetic field
what can be made into magnets by induction ferromagnets
electric potential is measured in what joules per coulomb, or volt
current carrying coil of wire wrapped around an iron core, which intensifies the induced magnetic field electromagnet
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