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OTC drugs for PTCB

Magnesium hydroxide Milk of Magnesia -Antacid, laxative STOMACH PRODUCTS
Senna extract Senokot -laxative ANTICONSTIPATION
Bisacodyl Dulcolax -laxative ANTICONSTIPATION
Miconazole Monostat ANTIFUNGAL
Naphazoline Vasoclear (eye) Pririne (nose) -decongestant EYE PRODUCTS/NASAL
Coltrimazole Lotrimin ANTIFUNGAL
Tolnaftate Tinactin ANTIFUNGAL
Calamine Calamine ANTIPRURITIC
Clemastine Tavist Dosage: tab, liq COMMON COLD
Pseudoephedrine Sudafed -decongestant Dosage: tab, cap, liq COMMON COLD COLD/COUGH PRODUCTS
Normal Saline Ocean -decongestant Dosage: spray COMMON COLD/ALLERGIES
Oxymetazoline Afrin -decongestant Dosage: spray COMMON COLD/ALLERGIES
Phenylephrine Neo-synephrine -vasoconstrictor -decongestant Dosage: spray COMMON COLD/ALLERGIES NASAL PRODUCTS
Aspirin Bayer -NSAID, analgesic Dosage: tab, cap, powder FEVER/PAIN/INFLAMMATION
Acetaminophen Tylenol -antipyretic/analgesic Dosage: Tab, cap, liq supp FEVER/PAIN PRODUCT
Capsaicin Zostrix Dosage: Top PAIN/ARTHRITIS
Vit E, cocoa butter, misc additives Treatment LT Dosage: ointment CANKER SORE
Phenol, camphor, misc additives Campho-Phenique Neosporin Lip Dosage: gel CANKER SORE
Benzocaine 20% Orajel Dosage: swab CANKER SORE
Clotrimazole Lotrimin Dosage: solution, lotion, cream ATHLETE'S FOOT
Undecylenic acid Desenex Dosage: ointment, cream, powder, spray powder
Tolnaftate Tinactin Aftate Dosage: cream, solution, spray, ointment, powder ATHLETE'S FOOT
Salicylic acid Wart off Compound W -keratolytic (warts/corns) Dosage: liquid WARTS
Benzoyl peroxide Clearasil Max Strength Oxy 10 Cover Oxy 5 Dry and Clear Dosage: cream, lotion ACNE TREATMENT
Hydrocortisone Anusol HC -antihemorrhoidal Dosage: cream, ointment ANTIINFLAMMATORY
Calamine/diphenhydramine Caladryl Dosage: lotion, cream ANTIINFLAMMATORY
Polymyxin B sulfate, neomycin, bacitracin Neosporin Dosage: ointment, cream ANTIBIOTIC
Neomycin Neomycin, Myciguent Dosage: ointment ANTIBIOTIC
Bacitracin Bacitracin Dosage: ointment ANTIBIOTIC
Docusate Sodium Colace -stool softeners Dosage: gel cap INTESTINAL PRODUCTS
Simethicone Mylicon -flatuence Dosage: tab, chew tab, liq INTESTINAL PRODUCTS
Psyllium Metamucil -Fiber -Irregular bowels Dosage: powder INTESTINAL PRODUCTS
Loperamide Imodium A-D -Antidiarrheal Dosage: tab, cap, liq INTESTINAL PRODUCTS
Combination stimulant Ex-lax -Constipation Dosage: Tab, chew tab INTESTINAL PRODUCTS
Ketoprofen Orudis KT Dosage: tab, cap ANTIINFLAMMATORY
Ibuprofen Motrin, Advil -NSAID Dosage: Tab, cap, liq FEVER/PAIN/INFLAMMATORY
Naproxen Sodium Aleve Dosage: Tab, susp ANTIINFLAMMATORY
Calcium carbonate Tums -acid neutralizer/calcium carbonate supplement Dosage: tab (chewable) ANTACID STOMACH PRODUCTS
Cimetidine Tagamet-HB -H2 antagonist Dosage: tab, liq STOMACH PRODUCTS
Ranitidine Zantac-75 -H2 antagonist Dosage: tab STOMACH PRODUCTS
Famotidine Pepcid AC -H2 antagonist Dosage: tab STOMACH PRODUCTS
Aluminum hydroxide/Magnesium hydroxide/simethicone Mylanta Dosage: tab, liq, gel cap ANTACIDS
Acetominophen/caffeine combo Excedrin Tension Headache (aspirin free) Dosage: caplet MIGRAINE
Aspirin/calcium carbonate combo Bayer Women's Aspirin Plus Calcium Dosage: Caplet MIGRAINE
Aspirin/caffeine/acetominophen Excedrin -NSAID (migraines) Dosage: tablet FEVER/PAIN/INFLAMMATION
Dyclonine Sucrets -Analgesic Dosage: Lozenges SORE THROAT PRODUCTS
Benzocaine Chloraseptic -topical anesthetic Dosage: Lozenges SORE THROAT PRODUCTS
Doxylamine succinate Unisom Nightime Sleep Aid Dosage: tab ANTIINSOMNIA
Diphenhydramien citrate/acetaminophen Excedrin PM Dosage: Tab, caplet ANTIINSOMNIA
Diphenhydramine Benadryl -histamine blocker, sedative, antihistamine RHINITIS/PRURITUS SLEEP AID COLD/COUGH PRODUCTS
Chlorpheniramine Chlor-Trimeton -Antihistamine Dosage: tab, cap RHINITIS, COMMON COLD
Loratadine Claritin -Antihistamine Dosage: tab, cap ALLERGIC RHINITIS
Guaifenesin/pseudoephedrine Robitussin PE Dosage: tab, liq, syr CONGESTED COUGH
Guaifenesin Robitussin -expectorant Dosage: tab, cap, syr CONGESTED COUGH COLD/COUGH PRODUCTS
Guaifenesin/dextromethorphan Robitussin DM Benylin -expectorant/antitussive Dosage: Liq, syr DRY COUGH COLD/COUGH PRODUCTS
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