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ch.6 test review

southeast and northeast

Name 5 landforms that are found in the southeast region. Inner coastal plains,Outer coastal plains,Piedmont,Appalachian Mountains, and Beaches.
Define the Barrier Islands. Formed over thousands of years as more and more sediment was deposited by ocean,waves,currents,and mainland rivers.
What is the fall line? Line of waterfalls that marks the boundary between Piedmont and the Coastal Plains.
Why do many people visit Florida in the winter? Mild,sunny weather attracts many tourist.
How could you describe the climate of the Coastal Plains? Warm most of the year.
What is a hurricane? A hurricane is a violent storm that forms over the ocean that has strong winds that move in a circlular path, with very heavy rains.
When is hurricane season? From the start of June to the start of November.
How do people prepare for and protect themselves from a hurricane? Listen to weather forecasters and move inland away from coast.
Why were lighthouses built? To help sailors avoid rocky coastlines.
What is a endangered species? Kind of animal or plant that is thought to be in danger of becoming extinct.
What are six major crops of the southeast region? Cotton,corn,peanuts,rice,oranges, and soybeans.
Name three ways trees are used. Lumber,furniture,and paper.
What is coal used for? Electricpower plants burn coal to run generators,produce paint, and plastics.
Created by: ripal2000