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CDC 2R171

Maintenance Management Production Craftsman

For what program does the MXG/CC hold squadron commanders and supervisors at all levels responsible? Vehicle management
Who is responsible for developing an aircraft impoundment program? MXG/CC
Which commander does the MXG/CC coordinate with concerning the High Speed Taxi Check programs? Operations group
Who is responsible for squadron maintenance production and the overall maintenance repair effort? Pro-Super
Who selects qualified personnel to perform production inspections and forwards names to maintenance supervision for approval? Flight chief
On what does the section chief performs spot checks for authorized levels? Bench stock
Who is responsible for establishing and coordinating plans for rotating 2R1X1 personnel through various duty positions to increase field knowledge and experience? Maintenance operations flight PS&D Superintendent
Who is responsible for drafting a TO 00-25-107 request? The work center discovering the discrepancy
In conjunction with quality assurance, who will develop procedures for routing all major maintenance requests to ensure all affected parties are informed? Maintenance operations flight plans scheduling and documentation
What IMDS subsystem provides the user with the capability to track engines and their components for time changes and inspections in an array of tracking methods? CEMS
Which subsystem features a method of reporting LRU production time? Automatic test equipment reporting
Which office of primary responsibility is the subsystem manager for the IMDS status and inventory reporting subsystem? maintenance operations center
The operational event subsystem of the IMDS can be best described in what three phases? Mission recording, mission accomplishment, and analysis phase
What subsystem under the IMDS provides the functional user with an automated system that generates a flying and maintenance schedule on a monthly, weekly, or daily basis? Automated scheduling module
What is the purpose of visual aids in the MOC Show the status and location of each aircraft on station
How do you describe a MOC facility? Completely enclosed and controlled room
What procedure does the MOC follow to help it make correct decisions? Emergency checklist
Who is responsible for tracking the status and location of all transient aircraft? MOC
What program does the Air Force use to support information superiority and response time objectives for flying wings, and provides flying units with the abillity to track daily maintenance operations? EMOC
Which type of training does an AFSC-awarding course fall under? Resident
Training conducted in the form of one-way video and two-way audio is called video teletraining
Responsibility for determining the overall direction of training within an AFS rests with the AFCFM
If you desire to automate your EST standards your authority is normally from CFETP, Part II, Section A
The FEQ asks the supervisor to rate how well the graduate performs tasks contained in the CFETP/STS based on training received
After the student graduates from technical school, within how many months does a supervisor receive a FEQ on the graduate? 4 to 6
What survey is designed to indicate the quality of AETC technical school graduates to the field? GAS
What organization is responsible for sending out the GAS? Training group
Where is information about career progression in an AFS found in the CFETP? Part I
What is not found in the CFETP Part II? Abbreviations and terms
Personnel at what organization develop and/or revise formal resident, nonresident, and field and exportable training based on requirements established by the MAJCOMs? AETC
Which column of the STS lists all the tasks and knowledge items common to an AFS? 1
Which column of the STS defines the "contract with the technical school?" 4
A task developed for an AF Form 797 must be measurable and observable, and have a definite beginning and end
An OSR is an all-inclusive survey of all the tasks within An AFS
MAJCOM and AETC SME, in conjunctions with the OSR data, help develop the STS
The AFOMS provides two products-an OSR and a TE
The purpose of a U&TW is to get personnel from the operational commands and the technical school together to review and update training
Prior to a U&TW, what is sent out to MAJCOM personnel for their review? STS
When using predictive analysis, what techique is used to measure the degree of relationship between two sets of data and predicts or estimates the value? Correlation analysis
What are the two types of correlation techniques used in predictive analysis? Linear and curvilinear
When a line of regression is plotted, variation of the predicted values is allowed by establishing a range within which a given proportion of the values will fall
In trend analysis, a set of data observations made at consecutive time periods is called a time series
The most general, common type of variation in a set of data over a long period of time can be described by a secular trend variation
The extrapolation of linear trends is to use statistical methods that consist primarily of the measurement of events in the past
The mechanical method of extrapolation cannot be used with nonlinear trends
In probability statistics, data such as numbers of personnel, failures, cars, airplanes and radar sets are what type of data? Discrete
In probability statistics, failures per end item are conisdered what type of data? Continuous
In terms of how probability is determined, what are the two defintions of probability? classical and frequency
The mission capability status code that is the sum of NMCS and NMCB and reflects total NMC aircraft limitations due to supply is called TNMCS
All raw data used to compute mission capabilities comes from the AVS report
What is subtracted from the total number of scheduled sorties when computing for the flying scheduling effectiveness rate? deviations
Which one is not a factor for computing manhour per flying hour? Supply return rate
Which rate is used to measure speed of repair and of equipment maintainability? Fix
What code is used inthe computation of the break rate? Landing code 3
Which rate issued by base supply to indicate deport support? CANN
What action-taken code means "removed for cannibalization?" T
What factor is included in the computation of the CANN rate? Total number of sorties flown
Which rate is a lagging indicator under fleet availability? Mission capable rate
Which rate is the overall indicator for a flying program? Utilization rate
Which fix rate time interval is reported for all aircraft other than fighters? twelve
What kind of approach initiates a special study during an equipment analysis? Proactive
Which medium is a formal way of presenting a special study? Written report
Whenever an advisory notice is sent out of the field, the users affected at base level are determined by the host database manager
What Air Force form must technicians complete when ordering aircraft parts? 2413
Inventory of supply point assets are conducted semi-annually
Which supply report provides information on all document numbers that the SBSS processed during the day? Daily Document Register (D04)
Which supply report is produced daily and lists all parts that are back ordered under urgency of need designator (UND) code A? Priority Monitor Report (D18)
Which supply report is a monthly listing of items that are back ordered? Due-Out Validation List (M30)
Which supply report provides informaiton to mange repair cycle assets or DIFM? Repair cycle Asset Management List (D23)
Who is accountable to provide supply support to maintenance activities? Logistics Readiness Squadron commander
In which flight is the MSL located? Maintenance operations
Who is required to coordinate with maintenance work centers to identify components for which there is no base-level repair or diagnostic capability? MSL
The objective of the RCSS is to make sure DIFM parts are repaired at base level or sent to a repair facility as fast as possible
When using a condition tag, what color is the DD Form 1574? Yellow
When using a condition tag, what color is the DD Form 1577-2? Green
When using condition tag, what color is the DD Form 1577? Red
The objective of the air force Repair enhancement Program is to reduce the total AF material costs
The primary use of the LCOM is to determine peacetime and wartime aircraft maintenance manpower requirements for each of the AF's weapon systems
In manpower studies using LCOM, the objective for each Air Force specialty is to determine the lowest manpower level possible to achieve the desired sortie rate
Which command or organization is responsible for transforming air and space technology investments into warfighting capabilities? AFMC
Which center is the air Force's largest ALC? Oklahoma City Air Logistics Center
Which center provides for long-term storage, supplies critical parts for operationl B-52 H aircraft, and allows the United States to achieve the goal of weapon system interoperability in a combined forces environment? The AMARC
What is the primary source document that reflects how many positions you're authorized in your flight or section? Unit manning Document
How many fiscal quarters does a regular UMD reflect? Five
To meet management objectives, what is designed to identify personnel (not applicalbe to ANG/AFRC) with special experience and rapidly identify maintenance resources? Special experience identifier
Mismatched data on the UPMR refers to mismatched skill level
Who may add additional mandatory critical tasks or inspections considered necessary? MAJCOM
What type of training provides the unit internal flexibility by training individuals to perform tasks not in their primary AFSC? CUT
A unit's capability to support a DOC tasking is reported through the SORTS
Each UTC in the AEF library is reported through the ART
Every UtC is listed in the MEFPAK and AFWUS
For deliberate taskings, which doucment will state how soon a unit must be prepared to deploy and employ? DOC statement
What listing identifies all the equipment for which a unit possesses? CA/CRL
Who must the maintenance manager establish clear communications with to help understand projected requirements for fleet reconstitution to avoid mission limiting facctors such as future aircraft configuration, take-off and land times and fuel loads? Operations
What is the key to an effective and expedient reconstitution for a combat unit? Build an effective plan ahead of time
What is the purpose of visual aids in the MOC? To show the status and location of each aircraft on station.
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