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Ancient Greece


3 facts about the landscape of Greece No big rivers Lots of mts. Not good land because of mts.
Where is greece on the balkan peninsula Southern tip
Which 3 seas is greece around Agean,Ionian,&meiterranean
What crops were grown in greece grapes,olives,and barley
Did all greeks practice the same religion and speak the same language yes
Describe the climate Hot dry summers, rain in winter
what is the outdoor market place called an agora
What statues are there of gods and goddesses, athletes and politicians
What do the men do shop
what do the women do fill pots of water at the public fountain
Tell me about the city of crete 2500 B.c, island in mediterranean sea, developed written language, wove cloth, made pottery and jewlery, called Minoan civilization, King minos, traders, Eartquakes destroyed(maybe)
Tell about Mycenae replaced crete as center of civilization, walls around city were 20ft. thick, Plundered ships, Leads to war.
What does plunder mean take items/steal
Who was the trojan war between Greeks and people of Troy
Where/what is Troy a city on the Western coast of Asia minor
What is a legend about heros and great deeds
What is a myth traditional story w/ god/desses used to explain events in nature
In the trojan war which side were the gods on both
Is the war a legend or myth both
What are the greek city states with gods/goddesses and who were they Sparta - Helen Athens - Athena
How and who won the trojan war the greeks by building a wooden horse and hidding in it. The trojans brought the horse in to the city and at night the people inside the horse opened the city gates letting all the greek army into the city.
Who was homer a famous greek poet
what did homer write the Illiad and the odysseus
What does the illiad talk about the war itself with the hero Odysseus
What does the Odysseus talk about tells of Odysseus being blown off corse in his ship by the gods he angered
Zeus king of gods, god of the sky, symbols = lightening bolt & eagle Wepon = lightening bolt
Hera Queen of gods, wife/sister of god. Goddess of marriage and children; jelous
Kronus ruler of the titans; father of zeus
Poseidon god of sea-brother of zeus-wepon= trident
Hades God og underworld- lord of death- bro. zeus & hera
ares God of war - son of Zeus - tall handsome cruel and coward. Often @ odds w/ athena whom people like more & want on their side instead of ares
Athena goddess of wisdom/war/arts/justice/industry - dauther of zeus - Athens is named for her - Symbols - owl/spear/olive tree
Apollo God of sun,light,music - son of zeus - twin of artimis
Artemis goddess of hunt - daughter of zeus - twin of Apollo
Aphrodite goddess of love and beauty - daughter of zeus
Eros God of love - uses bow and arrow to make people fall in love
Hephaestus God of fire- creates wepons for the gods - son of zeus
Dionyous God of wine
Pan god of nature - 1/2 man & 1/2 goat - protector of sheperds & flocks
Hercules Son of zeus - demigod - great strength
Centaur 1/2 man & 1/2 horse - tried to steal hercules wife
Pegusus winged horse
Cerberus 3 headed dog - gaurds the under world - pet of Hades
The muses daughter of zeus - make beautiful music for all of olympus
Demeter goddess of agriculture
Hermes mesenger of gods - son of zeus - prankster
what does demos mean greek word 4 common people
what does kratos mean rule
Democracy means common people rule
did they beleive that they could rule themselves beter than a king yes
What did Athens have the first of and who was in charge of it had 1st democracy- governed by males over 18,
what is an assembly a gathering of citizens
how many citizens are selected to serve and for how long 500 for 1 yr.
who were made the slaves women and workers born outside of city
What is sparta a city in greece
who is sparta ruled by the military
what was life centered on army
which infants could live only the healthy ones
when were boys sent to military camp 7
How were they expected to live with little food or clothing and by stealing
Tell me about the women in sparta had personal rights, could own property, allowed to have opinions, couldn't take part in gov't
When athens started to grow more powerfull what happened? Persia attacked
Where did the war happen at marathon
Who won the athenians
Who ran back 2 athens 2 anounce victory - 25mi pheidippides
Is this how the marathon gets its name Yes
Who works together to defeat the persians Athenians and spartans
When did the golden age of Athens start after the defeat of the persians
what was built during the golden age monuments and statues
Who extended human knowledge during the golden age philosophers such as socrates plato and aristotle
What were the philosophers 1st to look for reseason to get sick and that it wasn't just the gods
Socrates taught people to teach by asking questions (the socratic method)
Who invented the Socratic method socrates
Plato didn't beleive in democracy and beleived applying reason that humanity could be perfect.
Aristotle Platos student - developed a university
What is the parthenon, where is it, and what was in it a temple 4 athena, on the acropolis, a statue of athena
Who faught in the peloponnesian war sparta and athens
what power did athens/sparta have athens - sea sparta - land
HOw does the war end a plague breaks out in athens killing 1000's
After the peloponnesian war what happens to greece they fall upon hard times, have high unemployment, masedonia becomes a world power
how, who and when was the parthenon built not straight, by pericles and in 447 - 438
Who descovered that things built straight appear to be curved from far away Pericles
each column on the parthenon has a what in the middle a buldge
does the top or bottom of the columns on the parthenon have a bigger diameter bottom
how many levels of domed stairs are there 3
Doric simplest, crown up top, topped by a square
what is a flute the square that columns are topped by
Ionic shafts are taller, columns look slender, have flutes, capitals have scroll above the shaft, more decritive
corinthian have flowers and leaves
what are the 3 types of columns Doric, ionic, corinthian
why doesn't the parthenon have a roof in 1687 the parthenon stored gun powder during the war. The gun powder destroyed most of the room in the explosion
when did alexander the great become king 20 years old
who was alexander the greats dad king philip the 2
what was king philip the 2 king of macedonia
Who did alexander the great study with aristotle
all about alexander the great great warrior, 2 years after being king invades Persia, didn't retreat when attacked
what does hella mean greece in greeke
After alexander the great dies who takes over the land 3 generals
Created by: Palattao3
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