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RT Exposure - Part I

Review items for midterm and final exam. Covers Bushong chapters 1, 2,3 &9

The SI unit for the Roengen Gy in air
The unit of occupational exposure rem or Seivert
divide by this to convert mR to R 1,000
The radiation quantity received by the patient rad or radiation absorbed dose
When an atom loses or gain an electron ionization
If you double your distance from the radiation source the amount of exposure 1/4th the original amount
When doubling the distance from the radiation source you need to __ mAs to maintain density 4 times the original mAs
As the kVp increases this happens to x-ray energy or speed or penetrating ability they increase
As kVp increases the frequency is ____________ shortened
As kVp increases the wavelength ___________ decreases
Direct or Indirect relationship between mAs and x-ray quantity direct
relationship between kVp and distance direct by kVp squared
As filtration increases x-ray quantity _______ and why? decreases because filtration absorbs low energy x-rays
kVp stands for; kilovoltage peak
The "square law" is used to calculate changes required for mAs if the distance changes
Higher or lower energy x-rays are more capable of penetrating patient tissue higher
Higher quality x-rays are also known as ______ penetrating More
The reduction in x-ray intensity that results from absorption and scattering attenuation
Thickness of absorbing material to reduce x-ray intensity to half its original value HVL or half value layer
Increase in HVL increases or decreases x-ray beam quality increases
As filtration increases the x-ray quantity increases or decreases decreases
The glass or metal enclosure of x-ray tube is called __________ filtration inherent
The amount of inherent filtration is usually this amount 0.5 mm Al equivalent
True or False - As the x-ray tube ages inherent filtration increases due to this vaporization of tungsten target and filament of x-ray tube deposited on window inside
With the addition of filtration more low energy x-rays are ______________ attenuated
The amount of added filtration 2.0 mm Al equivalent
In diagnostic range the required amount of total filtration 2.5 mm Al equivalent
This type of filter is used to achieve an image with uniform density when body part varies in thickness compensating filter
A trough, "bow-tie", wedge or conic are types of this compensating filter
The number of HVL's needed to reduce x-ray beam intensity to less than 6% of original amount 5 ( key is less than not equal to)
Created by: fleury21
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